" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 1, 2020

Fight the EVIL and LIVE: 2020 and Looking Down the Rabbit W/Hole Through Milla Jovovich's Eyes/Movies?

Milla Jovovich
I'm with Alice
Milla Jovovich as the Resident Evil Nemesis Alice?
'Mutants and Mystics: Science Fiction, Superhero Comics, and the Paranormal' by Jeffrey J. Kripal
This post came about because I've been reading Mike Clelland's book 'The Messengers' (I'm up to chapter 19: Owls and Death) and also listening to Mike's old 'Hidden Experience' podcasts.
424 was my late father's taxi cab number when he owned a yellow cab:-)
Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)
And I can't help thinking that 2020 hindsight is a wonderful (and scary) vantage point for a fence sitter like me when looking back through Mike's work.
I listened to the 'Hidden Experience' podcast where Mike was on the Micah Hanks radio show trying to explain the owl as the archetype of the messenger.
Hidden Experience Audio: Owls and Sychronicity with Micah Hanks
Micah Hanks tells about his experience with wolves in that podcast, which I found interesting in light of a Trickster experience I just had in my own life and which I wrote about here -
Winter of the Wolf?
But it was really the mention of a movie that I'm yet to watch called 'The Fourth Kind' that peaked my interest, especially after the sudden death of the child star of that movie Raphaël Coleman, who died while on a run in early 2020 -
Raphaël Coleman Dies Suddenly Aged 25?
Starring Raphaël Coleman as Ronnie Tyler
Loren Coleman:-)
Hmm ... why does the name LOREN COLEMAN give me the creeps?-)
Owl COINcidence?
Then Micah talks about being sent an image of a jester holding a mirror with an owl on top of it from his friend David Jones, the editor of 'New Dawn' magazine in my home country of Australia.
David Jones is also the birth name of David Bowie:-)
A Spectrum of Sanity: Exploring Our Fascination with Monsters/Aliens/Demons?
"Raphaël Coleman (30 September 1994 – 6 February 2020) was born in London.
As a child he acted in several films and was best known for his role as Eric Brown in Nanny McPhee.
He subsequently gave up acting, took the name James "Iggy" Fox, and became a climate change activist involved with the group Extinction Rebellion.
He wrote that he became an environmental activist after seven years studying towards his M.Sc. degree in Zoology.
Coleman died on 6 February 2020 at the age of 25, after collapsing while out jogging."
Click here to watch 'Edward’s Turmoil'
'Edward's Turmoil' was the last acting credit on Coleman's IMDB page, and that film was released on Emma Thompson's birthday of April 15th, which is a date Emma Watson also celebrates a birthday as coincidence would have it.
Titanic Figures: Predictions 2271 Americans Will Die from Corona-virus on April 15?
Saving Mr Hanks From Corona-virus in P.L. Travers' Home Australian State of Queensland, While Disneyland Closes to Save People From the Same Virus?
I then noticed that the late Rosemary Ellen Guiley ( July 8, 1950 - July 18, 2019) was featured in the 'Hidden Experience' podcast above the owl as archetype podcast, and so I listened to that podcast after Mike's chat with Micah -
Hidden Experience Audio: Rosemary Ellen Guiley/Interview
Rosemary died suddenly in 2019 at 69 years of age, which is the same age David Bowie passed away at as well coincidentally enough.
And I wrote a post about Rosemary's and the other passings in 2019 in this post -
Syd Mead: 'Pivotal' Blade Runner Designer Dies in 2019?
Skyman (2020)
Natascha's Web?
What About the "Third [Hidden?] Principal" in the Equation Gibbs Williams/Kirby Surprise?
So you think you are doing it all by yourself hey Surprise?-)
Natascha's Web?
Mike's German friend Natascha writes on her blog about the dream she had in the tent on her blog post 'The world is simply not the same' about listening to a talk in Laughlin, Nevada of Turkish UFO researcher Farah Yurdözü, where Farah speculated that NYC may be the new Babylon (whatever that means?).
He named them Aiwass and Lam
English Google translation of some of  Farah Yurdözü's blog post 
Crowley believed that both of them were Extra Terrestrial beings.
Aiwass was from the Sirius Star system.
Although Lam’s origin is unknown, based on Crowley’s drawing it is possible to see his resemblance to modern Grey aliens.
This has been a rumor for a long time in occult-metaphysical circles.

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