" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 23, 2021

Do You Really Need to See a Blockbuster to Have an Entertaining Time at the Cinema?

Bond film No Time To Die delayed for a third time
Looking out from one cinema to another
As I sat in the bar at a local Brisbane cinema yesterday having a beer and waiting to go into the cinema to watch 'Penguin Bloom', I was scrolling through the news-feeds on my iPhone and saw that once again the new James Bond film's release date was being pushed back, this time to October this year ... maybe00?
I was at the cinema yesterday because my eldest son had asked if I wanted to see a movie with him Friday as a get together for the first time this year.
I suggested the movie 'Penguin Bloom', but he wasn't keen to see it.
He suggested seeing 'Pretty Young Woman', but I said "no thanks" after seeing the new 'Wonder Woman' movie last week with his brother.
I then said I would see 'The Dry' again if he wanted to see that movie, and he agreed.
Luckily for me 'Penguin Bloom' was playing right before 'The Dry' at the same cinema we had agreed to see 'The Dry' at, so
I "killed two birds with one stone" so to speak, and went to the first movie by myself and agreed to meet him for dinner at the Mexican restaurant next door when I came out of the first movie.
Synchronicity is for the Birds?
Looking from the cinema to Mucho Mexicano restaurant
Well it looks like the new Bond film is starting to become a bit of a spectre itself around the cinemas, as it tends to make appearances on cinema screens in the form of trailers, but no one seems to be able to see the whole thing materialize on the screen anytime soon.
Maybe around Halloween might be the time to see it?
And as soon as I put my phone in my pocket, go upstairs, take my seat, open my chips, and the lights go down, the Bond film trailer starts playing:-)
At least now in Australia we aren't in social isolation like the UK:-)
I had a bowl of fried Calamari and a Corona to celebrate "face-mask-free Friday" before seeing 'The Dry' for a second time (it's actually worth seeing it a second time, when you know all the dirty little secrets of who done what to who), while my son was watching the movie for a first time.
Spirit Materialization with Leslie Kean ... WHO Ya Gonna Call?
F-8 (Fate)?-)
I wrote about sitting through a cinema session of
'Bohemian Rhapsody' with Joanne in this old post, and that was after she scored the Guinness world record pictured above -

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