" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 29, 2022

Beyond Sex and Soup and Everything Imaginable?

I hope the universe isn't trying to tell me something here, but after already writing posts about soup and healing and listened to a podcast that dropped onto my playlist one night about a woman who had written a book about healing with the subject of soup in the title.
A book I haven't read, and at this stage don't plan on reading, even though it does sound intriguing to me ... and not because it has the word SEX in the title, either:-)
I have to admit that the host of the 'Everything Imaginable' podcast Gary is a strange guy who I'm glad is on the other-side of the planet from me and not living next-door to me, the way he goes on about "Angel Dust"(the drug, not fairy dust) and wanting to inflict pain on himself (as in hitting himself in the head with a hammer, to quote one example he "jokes" about when he interviews Kelle Sparta), but he does interview some interesting people ... sometimes ... like Kelle and Anna.
Everything Imaginable:
Kelle Sparta -
The Spirit Doctor
But he also interviews a lot of weirdos who aren't worth listening to unless you want a good laugh a just how gullible some people can be.
Gary likes to push "open-mindednes" to the limits on his podcast, probably with the aid of a hammer and some "Angel Dust" on his part, but he does have some good interviews among the mostly bad, so it keeps me subscribed to his podcast, even though I'm tempted to flick it off my list now and again, but it has led me to people like Anna and Kelle and their work with other people who they have stumbled across.
I was also surprised to hear that Anna was born in a Singapore hospital, as Singapore is a place I have been thinking of paying a visit to, maybe next year or the year after ... God willing, as they say:-)
And who knows what kind of soups I will find over there?-)
A book that I have been reading lately
Anna Parkinson - 
Beyond Sex and Soup:
 Living a Spiritual Adventure
Interestingly, or synchromystically enough, Kelle Sparta's latest podcast hit my Apple Podcast list as I was writing up this post, and it is about "healing":-)
Spirit Sherpa Podcast: Kelle Sparta
Healing - Talking To Illness/Trauma
Maybe Gordon White over at the 'Rune Soup' podcast should have a chat with Anna about her sex and soup book?-)
I still have a can of tomato soup in the pantry, so I guess that's what I'll be eating tonight while I watch Ash Barty in the AO tennis final ... and it won't be delivered by UBER EATS, either:-)

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