" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 5, 2022

The Broken Mirror and 100 Episodes of Speaking With Jung?

The 100th episode of 'Speaking with Jung' hit my iPad yesterday featuring James Hollis, PHD mainly talking about his new book (as you do:-)and while I have never read any of James' books his name did ring a bell from somewhere other than previous episodes of 'Speaking With Jung', so I put a search into my own blog with his name and two old posts came up and I thought now I know who he is, he's the guy whose '42 Minutes' podcast interview was hammered home to me by a tragic fatal shark attack story I saw in the local news, and then a crocodile joke he made in another podcast with Laura was hammered home by a fatal crocodile attack in the local news.
I like how one of the 42 Minutes guys introduced James as a Jungian Antlerist (deer me?-).
42 Minutes: Episode 113: Dr James Hollis
I fact listening to that old 42 Minutes podcast episode from 2013 was probably even more enlightening to me when I listened again to it yesterday and reminded me of a weird deer synch which I had and wrote about this year -
Animal Spirit Guides and Totem Animals?
So I guess without listening to the 100th 'Speaking of Jung' podcast I wouldn't have listened to that old '42 Minutes' podcast and read those old posts of mine, which I felt I really had to for some inexplicable reason in 2022. 
I also took a look at the recorded "live" You Tube featuring James to see what he looks like and was surprised to see his image fading in and out like a ghost:-)
And I like how at the 25th minute James says nobody would become a Jungian Analyst in their "right" mind, and I thought yeah, that's right, most of these analysts seem to be too "left" brained when coming at this stuff IMO ... not James though:-)
And to me nearly all mirrors are broken when it comes to looking at true life situations:-)
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