" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 30, 2022

'Safety Last' is Nearing its 100 Year Anniversary for 2023, But is There Enough Time Left?

I just finished reading Simon Garfield's book 'Timekeepers' which has a picture of Harold Lloyd hanging from the minute hand on the cover of the book, similar to the way Lloyd is remembered hanging from the minute hand in the iconic 1923 movie 'Safety Last', a movie I have never seen in full until this week in 2022 when I found this free You Tube below uploaded illegally I would imagine.
The movie takes place 100 years ago in 1922.
So, you might want to watch it too, while there is still time left before You Tube pull it down, like they eventually do, even though this Tube has been up for 7 years so far ... and counting:-)
I find it ironic that Lloyd and Hitler both shared a birthday on April 20th, even though they were born years apart from one another:-)
Harold Lloyd didn't believe in luck apparently, he believed in fate, much like I do.
And I'm glad that I picked Garfield's book out of a bunch of books that were on sale in the QGOMA bookstore, because while every book you read changes your life in some way, no mater how good or bad it was to read, I think Garfield's book has changed my life for the better, but had I have read it in 2016 it wouldn't have changed my life the way it has while I took my time to read it over the 2021/2022 time period in-between reading other books.
The Last Book I Read Changed My Life and So Has Every Other Book I Have Read
While I don't think I'd like to read any other books Simon Garfield has written so far, I like how Simon is fascinated by subjects like letter writing, type fonts and maps.
I'm sure that he has time for a future book on a subject that I will enjoy as much as 'Timekeepers' or maybe even more.
Time will tell if I am right I guess;-)
And when 'Safety Last' turns 100 it will be on April 1st, 
The Clock is a Film That I Will Have to See (in) One Day?

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