" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 15, 2022

The FLOWMAN (Seth Green) Was Born in the Year of the Wood Tiger?

Seth Green was born in the Year of the Wood Tiger?!
Well, if I was
synchromystically blown away when listening to
Bob Saget's very last podcast episode with a star from the movie 'Saving Mr.Banks' 
and Bob passing away on the weekend that the author of
'Mary Poppins' hometown Marybourough gets flooded by the
Mary River (and by the remnants of ex-cyclone Seth by the way) pretty much on Elvis' birthday -
Queensland headlines January 9th, 2022
And then listening to Bob chat with Mary Lynn Rajskub about ... unbeknownst to Bob or Mary at the time ... Bob's last movie -  
Mary Lynn Rajskub: We All Shine On?
Then I was really impressed as an old  synch-head listening listening to Bob chat with his old pal Seth Green on Bob's podcast about comedy and even attending a party at Tom Hank's home once.
Especially when it was ex-cyclone Seth that flooded the hometown of the author of Mary Poppins the weekend Bob passed away.
I found it interesting that Seth and Bob say that they first met at the Playboy Mansion in that Bob Saget podcast, considering the rabbit imagery connected to Seth in that old 2010 Radio8Ball Vimeo.
Australia Zoo must have felt the effects of ex-cyclone Seth too, I would imagine, since it's not that far from the coast and the Maryborough region.
2022, Australia Zoo and the Year of the Tiger?
Beaches closed to walkers, swimmers
The Radio8Ball Show With Seth Green, Twig Palace
Jake Kotze’s film Starmummy: Flowman
That Radio8Ball show above (click on this link to watch it at Vimeo for free) was filmed almost 12 years ago in 2010, which was the
Year of the Tiger, just like 2022 will be after February 1st this year.
What is it with the name Seth, Tigers and zoos?
Even though Seth MacFarlane was born in the Year of the Ox:-)
Bindi Irwin Thanks Seth MacFarlane for
$1M to Her Family's Australia Zoo
'Zoomates' written and created by Seth Macfarlane in 1998?-)
I find it rather synchromystic that Seth MacFarlane created and wrote a short film called 'Zoomates' in 1998, the Year of the Tiger, and the Year that Bindi Irwin was born:-)
Now in 2022 Seth and Bindi are ZOOMmates:-)
While Australia Zoo do look after their tigers (I know because I've seen how their look after them myself), not all "zookeepers" do, hey Joe?-)

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