" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 12, 2022

Mary Lynn Rajskub: We All Shine On?

I must confess that I never knew
Bob Saget had a podcast show until I found out he had passed away the other day and I looked up his IMDB page to see what movies and TV shows he had starred in since being in 'Full House' and host of 'American Funniest Home Videos'.
That's when I found out Bob had a podcast show called 'Bob Saget's Here For You' where he would sometimes ring up listeners to his show who wanted a chat, or get actors, musicians, comedians, or anyone he knew who was famous, on for a chat -
I started listening to a few guests Bob had on and was surprised to see he had Mary Lynn Rajskub on, an actress who I've written about before on this blog -
Mary Lynn Rajskub: The Star?
And as fate would have it Mary would star in Bob's last movie 'Killing Daniel' with him.
Reading that old 2014 'synchromysticism' post and watching that old " synch"video from about 10 years ago that Andras and Will made is rather chilling in hindsight now at the beginning of 2022, especially when watching that podcast of Bob speaking to Mary about that last movie they made together and is still yet to be released.
I also found it quite "synchy" that in Will and Andras' 2012 synch film they've used 'Coldplay's song '42' and that Mary has an uncredited 2014 appearance as Chloe O'Brian on SNL where 'Coldplay' were playing their songs 'Magic' and 'A Sky Full of Stars'?
Also eerie was all the talk in that podcast episode of gun safety drills on the set of 
'The Tomorrow War' and how Mary tells Bob every actor was responsible for the gun they were handling on the set and how they were shown what a blank fired at a plastic drink bottle at close range could do.
What do they say about timing and comedy?
Sometimes life ... and death seem nothing but a bad joke, right?
But what do any of us really know about life and death from down here?
Sometimes Life Ain't So Funny ... But in a Funny Sort of Way?
Countdown to 2022?

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