" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 1, 2022

'Fear of Flying' Turns 50 in 2023 and Missy Turns 40?๐ŸŽ‚✈

I read the above story about Missy Higgins at the ABC news site this morning, which was more or less just a shout out to the 'Take 5' TV episode Missy will be featured in on Tuesday night, and having recently finished reading Ericia Jong's infamous novel 'Fear of Flying' which turns 50 in 2023, the year Missy turns 40, I couldn't help seeing the parallels between the self-examination of a song writer like Missy and a writer like Erica when it comes to digging into just who they think they are.
On the second last page on the novel
(page 424) Erica writes, ""Life has no plot" is one of my favorite lines. At least it has no plot while you're still living. And after you die, the plot is not your concern."
"But whatever happened, I knew I would survive it. I knew, above all, that I'd go on working. Surviving meant being born over and over. It wasn't easy, and it was always painful. But there wasn't any other choice except death."
While the casual sex in the novel is not my thing, the book is worth reading for Erica's take on shrinks and her life in general.
Now that I have finally finished reading 'Fear of Flying' it's time to blow the dust off my unread copy of Henry Valentine Miller's 'Tropic of Cancer', which Henry claims is the male author's version of Erica's book.
I guess I'll find out if I have enough time left ... but I think I'll skip 'Fear of Dying';-)
So Many Books to Read and So Little Time?
Time Enough at Last?⏰๐Ÿ’€

UPDATE: October 6th, 2022
I never knew this Colin Hay song above was Missy's wedding song, until I watched the 'Take 5' TV episode she was on this week.
I've only seen Colin sing live once, and that was in a tent at Woodfood when I was trying to beat the crowd back to the carpark after watching Goyte on the main stage -
Colin turns 70 in 2023 I see, and I thought I was old.
But he manages to keep ahead of me in the game of LIFE:-)
Goyte is 42 now, so I guess he has all the answers ... or at least the answer to life ... ?-)

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