" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 7, 2022

The UFO/UAP Fight Club Fighting for the Truth and Fighting Over Half-Truths?

I've written posts about the usual suspects from the 'UFO Fight Club' before, after I read the book 'American Cosmic' and now a few years later THEY seem to be openly fighting among themselves more than ever as to just who is telling the truth ... or thinks THEY are:-) 
UFO Fight Club?
Bledsoe Said So [What?-] podcast
Now we have Ryan and Chris Bledsoe and family sounding like modern day Whitley Strieber's who keep changing their story all the time as to just what it is they saw ... or thought THEY saw in the past and now -
The Lady?
Chris and Ryan can't even seem to get their own stories straight about what they believe, who to trust in "The Club" and just what they are seeing and who they trust to be telling them the truth when you have a listen to recent podcasts they have been on, especially Ryan who seems to know all the answers on how the world really works and just who you can and can't trust.
The Chris Bledsoe Story
The Melt Podcast
Chris Bledsoe
Close Encounters
with Ryan Bledsoe
Deconstructing the Narrative 
Ryan Bledsoe
Paranormal Hero
Hero Paranormal
Gee, Ryan Bledsoe sure don't like or trust Tim Taylor ... I mean Tyler by the sound of things:-)
Ryan Bledsoe | HathorThe Temple of Set,
NASA, and The Alien Deception
I wonder why Ryan and Chris describe Hathor/The Lady as a bull when it's pretty common knowledge that Hathor has been worshiped previously as a cow, but I'll play along with the bull if they want to believe it?-)
No Ordinary Day?
Unidentified F#cking Objects?!
210: Breakdown; Tough conversations,
Garry Nolan (AKA James)
I don't think anyone in that 'UFO Fight Club' know just what THEY are looking at, but THEY sure like fighting about it:-)

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