" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 29, 2023

Coming Out of a Cocoon or Chrysalis?πŸ””πŸ¦‹

"About the photos she posted, Emma said “These pictures were actually taken on my birthday last year, but I wasn’t ready to come out of my Covid Cocoon.”
This was
Emma Watson’s first Instagram post since December 15, 2022."
Jungiananthology Podcast: Women's Spirit/The Fire Within
I was surprised to see Emma Watson had turned 33 this year, the age Jesus was said to have been "transformed" over what is now called Easter these days.
My 'The Bling Ring' book and DVD
I stumbled across 'The Bling Ring' DVD in a thrift shop recently and bought it, as I have not ever watched the movie, although I have had the book sitting on my bookshelf yet to finish reading, since I bought it on a 2016 road trip -
Man Rescued After Being Trapped Under the Nimmity Bell in Nimmitabel?
I bought the book because I was interested in why Sofia Coppola wanted to make a movie about young real-life criminals breaking into celebrities' homes to rob them ... and why someone like Emma Watson would want to play one of the crims in the movie.
I just happened to be listening to a Jungiananthology podcast about the chrysalis anology and reading 'The Bling Ring' when I saw the newspaper article about Emma turning 33 and saying how she came out of her Covid Cocoon:-)
Emma Watson, Bill Paxton, Oscar Night and Synching Like a Stone

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