" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 25, 2020

Ali Norell - Shining Light Mother?

Another interesting 'Grief 2 Growth' podcast I found an insightful listen -
"Ali Norell's 5-month-old daughter passed into Spirit at just 5 months of age. 
Ali was already a natural born medium.
But, after Romy's passing, Ali lost belief in all things spiritual.
In this interview and in her book Ali tells of this journey from belief to the loss of belief back to knowing that her daughter Romy is still part of the family along with her husband and her three other children.
Ali's experiences with Romy have been verified by other mediums who have connected with Romy. Ali's book is 'The Truth Inside' It's available from O books and on Amazon."
The Duke of York’s cinema, Brighton, England
When Ali mentioned being from Brighton I couldn't help thinking of the two Nick's that I know live in Brighton, Nick Cave (not that I know Nick Cave personally though) and my old sync-head mate Nick who goes by the name DJ name PsoNik. 
I've never been to Britain, but if I ever do go I'll be heading to 'The Duke of York's' cinema in Brighton to watch a movie.
I wrote about the 'Duke of York's' cinema early last year on
Heath Ledger's birthday in this old post -
Happy Birthday Heath Ledger and Put on a Happy Face?
Me and Nick playing around with a croc on the Gold Coast
I remember reading that David Bellamy was from Brighton also -
Oh, Poppycock!?
Bill Heine (9 January 1945 – 2 April 2019)
I also wrote about the passing of Bill Heine who was the 'Duke of York's' cinema owner at one stage -
A Synchromystic Conversation with Actor Winston Duke About His Role in Jordan Peele's New Horror Film Us?
Bill Heine's house in Oxford, England
"Queenslanders have been advised to “stay in your state, stay in your suburb” but by-elections and council elections will still go ahead."?!


Delorus said...

Thanks again for the podcasts that you link to. I think it is super nice of you to loan me your search skills and discernment.

Delorus said...

I should say give cuz I can't return your ideas!

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Yeah, 'Grief 2 Growth' was certainly a good find on my search Delorus.