" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 28, 2020

Evening of Mediumship: Does Reality Generate from a Cosmic or Divine Mind?

I went to bed listening to the above 'Lighting the Void' podcast featuring Michael Grosso Ph.D. on my iPad the other night and dozed off to sleep about halfway through, only to wake up slightly to hear the 'Grief 2 Growth' podcast featuring Nicky Alan in the You Tube above playing on my iPad as it automatically played though my podcast list.
Nicky claims to be a psychic who communicates with the dead, and I'm always skeptical of the claims of such people, unless they can prove that to my satisfaction.
That wasn't what kept me listening though, it was Nicky's story of her accident and battling chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as her admission of past suicidal thoughts to escape her painful life and illness.
Ironically I was very tired myself at the time when I heard Nicky speaking through my iPad, and when she started going on about angels like I've heard many less than impressive English mediums rattle on about I decided that was enough for me and that it was time to turn my iPad off and go to sleep.
Trouble was that my iPad was at other the other side of my bed and I couldn't be bothered rolling over to reach out to turn my iPad off.
So I let it play on and I drifted off to sleep again, but when I shut my eyes all I could see was a heap of roses growing in a garden.
It was just like a static picture in my mind more than a dream, and I kept wondering to myself what this meant.
This was pretty much the image I saw in my mind 
I was hoping this wasn't a sign to me of an upcoming death in the family, as while this image of growing roses was at some kind of venue, it didn't seem to me like a place where we see off the dead.
The image of the roses baffled me so much that I woke up, and the 'Grief 2 Growth' podcast was still playing with Nicky telling Brian how she was once on British TV as a psychic.
I wondered if I'd ever heard of Nicky before, and since I had to get up to answer nature's call anyway, on the way back to bed I looked up Nicky's website and saw the picture that I've put right up the top of this blog post.
That was the exact pattern of the growing roses I saw in my head I was sure of, and stunned by.
I've never heard of Nicky before, or seen her website or that picture before, so I sat there staring at the roses in that picture and wondered how in God's name my mind's image seemed to match those roses in the picture of the English venue?
But then I smiled to myself when I saw that the event was called off because of Covid 19 restrictions, and I wondered how a "psychic" who had booked the venue to perform in didn't see that coming?-)
I was more interested in Nicky's personal story of loss and coping with M.E. and her views about the afterlife and suicide, rather than hearing a reading for Brian, which just about anyone could do if they had been following or viewing his You Tube interviews.
I checked out a couple of Nicky's You Tubes at her site before going back to bed.
The two I liked the most that I watched right through where the story of the voice of the mouse and the lion, and one about people who commit suicide (having been there myself in my early 20s and nearly succeeding).
Not that I resonate with all of her angel mythology/theories when it comes to crossing over, but I do agree with her about "hell" and people who commit suicide.
I guess the lion and mouse video appealed to me because I'm a Brisbane Lions supporter and I remember that one champion Lions player named 
Alastair Lynch overcame Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to be part of the champion Lions team of the 90s/00s.
You can hear Alastair talk about his playing career and battle with CFS in this old 2006 ABC Radio interview -
Alastair Lynch
I've not read any of Michael Grosso's or Nicky Alan's books, and can't say I feel drawn to reading them, but it was an interesting listen to hear Michael and Nicky's beliefs in those podcasts.
And Joe Rupe's past life regression on a 'Lighting the Void' podcast that I wrote about a few posts back was interesting too, I thought -

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