" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 16, 2020

Future Thinkers Smart Village?

I stumbled across the above video and watched it yesterday at the 'Future Thinkers' website and thought it was an interesting idea, but one that looks very familiar to a guy who grew up in the Hippie era where all these Arcadian communities imploded with human egos being what they are.

I'd be happy to watch this experiment play out on a Netflix reality show, but I have my doubts things will go as smoothly as planned or thought.
I hope that I'm wrong, but I remember similar experiments in the 70s around places like Nimbin in New South Wales, Australia.
Not that it was a failure as such as a town, but Nimbin isn't without its own unique problems either.
I like visiting Nimbin, but I wouldn't want to live there.
I always grab a 'Nimbin Good Times' newspaper when I'm down in Byron or Mullumbimby to see what's happening in Nimbin.
"The Nimbin Good Times is a free monthly community newspaper, also distributed in Lismore, Byron Bay, and some suburbs of Brisbane and Sydney.
Nimbin Zone Magazine is Nimbin's bi-monthly magazine featuring creative and artistic people from Nimbin and beyond. 
The community radio station, 2NIMFM, offers an independent alternative media voice and plays a diverse range of music and programming in Japanese, German, and the Bundjalung language."
Oddly enough, the TV show 'Nine Perfect Strangers' starring and produced by Nicole Kidman is filming right now just up the road from the town of Nimbin in the Byron Shire.
The only reason I found that 'Future Thinkers' podcast episode was I was getting a lot of hits to my blog from Bulgaria and Romania for some reason to my X-Files posts, with heavy hits to the
'Two Fathers/One Son' post in particular, which features the crowns in a Bulgarian museum -
The 424 views was what got my attention here:-)
I get a lot of traffic from Bulgaria/Romania lately for some reason, even before I posted that crown post.
And the only people I knew (not personally though) who I thought were in Bulgaria were the 'Future Thinkers' podcasters, who I used to listen to months ago until they stopped posting podcasts for a while and then I unsubscribed from the podcast and forgot about them, until yesterday when the Bulgarian traffic reminded me of them and their show, but now they are back in Canada I see.
I'll be thinking of them in the future now, to see how their Canadian Arcadia turns out, or evolves I should say:-)

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