" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 24, 2020

Watching The X-Files Fight Club in 2020: Fight the Future?

As I watched what many X-Philes (believe me, I'm no fan of 'The X-Files') believe is the worst episode in the whole series of 'The X-Files' called 'Fight Club' (they are probably right, but I can think of many other episodes that equal it:-) I couldn't help wonder if the makers of this show weren't channeling how the 2020 election year would play out between American voters.
Well, it was episode 20 of season 7;-)
I even listened to an old 'X-Philes Talk X-Files' podcast to get their opinion on this and many more episodes and even they didn't want to talk about 'Fight Club' that they thought it was so bad ... which it is I think, too. 
That 'Fight Club' episode of  'The X-Files' even aired on May 7th, 2000, which was Randall "Tex" Cobb's birthday that night, too.
That episode stars comedian Kathy Griffin, who plays twins Betty and Lulu.
My old mate at 'The Secret Sun' blog isn't a Kathy Griffin fan obviously:-)
The Headless Rites?
Is Kathy playing Lulu or Betty in that photo pictured above?-)
It's only because I'm reading Chris' co-authored book (pictured above) written 12 years ago this year that I've decided to slog my way through all 217 episodes of 'The X-Files' this year, and only because I can watch them all for free, since I already am an Amazon Prime subscriber.
That year 2000 episode of 'The X-Files' was obviously meant to be a piss take of the movie 'Fight Club' which came out in 1999.
So when you think that the Twin Towers would come down in September 2001, and that Covid 19 would wipe-out most of the plans for the people of planet Earth for 2020, not to mention being told to wash your hands like Jack in 'As Good as it Gets' and with Republicans and Democrats at each other's throats so much this year, then you might want to watch both 'Fight Club's again and ask yourself -
The X-Files/Contagion/2020: Who Writes This Stuff?-)

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