" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 20, 2020

Investigating Mytho[w]logy 2: The Hunt for the World’s Largest Owl?

I listened to the latest
'Conversations' podcast yesterday (which was my old wedding anniversary ... or as I like to now refer to as the day Charles Manson died:-) which was about an American looking for the world's biggest owl in Russia -
Hidden Experience Audio:
Owls as Archetype Read by
Ryan Sprague
I'm still yet to spot an owl in the wild, but every time I hear/read an owl story I think of "The Owl Guy" Mike Clelland and his obsession and beliefs surrounding owls -
Investigating Mytho[w]logy?-)
Ironically I also just watched 'The X-Files' episode
'Signs & Wonders' yesterday, as that's where I'm up to in my tedious quest to get through all 217 episodes of the series.
When I first started watching 'The X-Files' I was under the impression that this show was all about whether people believed in UFOs and aliens, but it's obvious to me being half way through the 217 episodes that this series is about BELIEFS in general, not just about flying saucers, but all sorts of Belief Systems humans believe in, no matter how stupid some of those beliefs are.
5 Stories of Animals Who Walked into the Lives of People, Leaving the Humans to Wonder, 'What am I to This Creature?'
Ironically November 11th 1987 was when
 I became engaged to be
I'm not a BELIEVER anymore when it comes to marriage and finding Mrs. Right though:-) 
And I had to laugh and think what a great metaphor that was for marriage/divorce when Jonathan tells in that 'Conversations' podcast of the guy who went out for a pee and a fish owl flew down and bit his testicle off?!
The EX-Files?-)
Fox Mulder's apartment number is 42:-) 
Randy Oglesby who plays Reverend Samuel Mackey in
'Signs & Wonders' was also in the TV series 'Strange Angel' about Jack Parsons and rocket science.
As I just watch the wheels go round in my life and in the lives of others here on this planet 
I find it amusing just what people want to believe in:-)
And Mike even ends his Owls as Archetype podcast with a Cab song about owls:-)
And my father was a cabbie:-)
Who needs aliens or owls to amuse us when we have humans to observe, right?-)
And I'm half including myself in that last question, too;-)

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