" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 17, 2020

Knowing: A Journey Beyond The Veil?

Jeffery Olsen
I watched the latest 'Guy Lawrence Podcast' show at You Tube yesterday where Guy talks to Jeffery Olsen about his near death experience and shocking car accident, as well as his book 'Knowing'.
It's well worth a listen too, I think.
I noticed that I was the 42nd viewer yesterday, whatever that means?-)
I've written about listening to Jeffery before in this post -
And I have written about doctor Jeff O’Driscoll mentioned in that chat with Guy in this old post -
This Illusion of Mortality?
And I've also written a post about meeting Guy in person by following my PiGS in this post -
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Oddly enough, I just finished a book about Dawn Fraser, and in that book Dawn writes in chapter 9 about losing her mother when the car Dawn was driving hit a pig truck parked on the side of the road and causing the car Dawn was driving to flip over, killing her mother instantly, as well as sending her sister Rose, Dawn's friend and herself to hospital with serious injuries.
Golden Dawn Fraser?!
What Do You Give Someone for Christmas Who is into Minimalism?
I picked that book about Dawn Fraser off a shelf at a Bribie Island book exchange when I picked 3 books in exchange for 3 boxes of books I was passing on to whoever found them interesting ... or to who the "book angel" guided them to;-)
The Art of Finding Coincidence in Life?
The 3 books "I chose" at Bribie Island;-)
Dates with Destiny?
The funny thing was I had passed on all of my
Wayne Dyer books to the exchange and I was in a hurry to pick my exchange books and get up the road to the Butterfly House, then grab some lunch and then see the movie 'The Secret Garden' playing at the twin cinema on Bribie Island that day.
237 and the Secret Savage Garden?
I had crossed paths with Dawn Fraser at a ladies golf tournament years ago on Queensland's Gold Coast, and although I knew Dawn was an Olympic gold medal and world record holder in the pool, I didn't know that much about her and her life, except that she was a famous Aussie swimmer, a Tigers supporter in the NRL (I was wearing my Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks polo shirt the day we met at the golf:-) and maybe a lesbian?
Which is why I decided to read her book, so I knew more about the Aussie swimming legend who I bumped into on a golf course once.
Turns out in the book that while Dawn was in a lesbian relationship with Joy Cavill, the producer of 'Dawn' the biopic made in 1979, Dawn claims that she isn't a lesbian.
It was just a phase she was going through at the time.
Not that I care, as I wouldn't mind being in a lesbian relationship right now, and I'm not a lesbian, either:-)
I'd like to see an updated biopic about Dawn's life, like Dawn writes about in her book, not that I ever saw the 1979 movie.
And I just hope it doesn't turn out as bad as the movie that was made from the book 'Eat Pray Love' which I put in one of those three boxes I dropped off at Bribie Island:-)
Every Story is Part Myth No Matter How True People Want You to BeLIEve it is?
While I found Dawn's book an interesting and synchromystic read, I think it will be going into my current box of books for "the book angel" who may be heading to a book exchange near you?-)
The Book Angel (of Death?) and the Shadow Side of Life?

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