" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 7, 2020

A Local Magick Shop Disappears in all of the 2020 Chaos?-)

I went for a walk through West End last Thursday night to discover not only has Grill'd at West End closed and cleared out, but that one of my favourite magick shops has also disappeared -WICCAPEDIA 🌟?
This is the store where Gordon White from 'Rune Soup' gave a devil of a talk, which I wrote about in this post -
Underlining Synchronicity?
I found it amusing that a sign-writer had put a sticker of an owl with their contact details on the vacant shop's window, and that the phone number included my late father's old taxi number

The Convoluted Universe of Owls, Hypnosis and Real Memories?
Synchronicity, 42 and Owls?
My sons and I ended up eating at 'Burger Time 69' in a graffiti-ed alleyway as a plan B to eating at 'Grill'd'.
Home/Grown and the Quest for a Good Vegetarian Meal?
And while the boys were waiting for the food to be cooked I walked up to the Avid Reader bookstore to buy two books that everybody seems to be talking about, and that's when I saw the magick shop had disappeared ... or had been swallowed by the universe:-)
I noticed that Natalie skimmed past one of my all time favourite Peter Carey novels, which I mentioned in this gloomy old post -
I see a stage play has been written and ready to go for
'Boy Swallows Universe' in 2021.
Well it was ready to go for the 2020 theatre season apparently, but Covid 19 put an end to that happening this year.
"In May 2019 the film adaptation rights for Boy Swallows Universe were won by Anonymous Content, Chapter One and Hopscotch Features, to be directed by Australian actor and director
For Joel ... Edgerton to make into a movie?-)
The cinemas are being staved for good content right now while the studios hold back their movies until next year, which is why we had to head to the Red Hill Cinemas to try and catch something worth seeing on the big screen besides movies about hiding sheep around the farm.
Wow, that inspires my confidence
for a
post-Covid 2021
This 5 cinema complex used to be an old skating rink, where some new graffiti/art had been added inside along with the old.
This was the first time I had been to this relatively new cinema complex, as being a south-side of Brisbane resident (Logan City)
I rarely cross the river to the north-side to see a movie. 
We do have cinemas down where I live, too:-)
I usually only see a movie near the Brisbane CBD when meeting up with my eldest son, who lives in the CBD, otherwise I go to a more local cinema when going "alone";-)
I must have been trippin' when I took this one;-)
I'm sick of seeing tigers in a Brisbane Lions town in 2020;-)
Football in Times of Covid 19: Do You BeLIEve?
GAB[B]A Lockdown Special: Never Say Never ... Again?
Now that the football season is over and the boring cricket season is beginning, I'll have to get out and see some more movies.
While keeping my hands washed and social distancing of course:-)
2020 is no time to die, right?-)


  1. I now want to get Trent Dalton's books! A good reason to support my tiny local bookstore on this faraway bit of Earth. Briz, I thank you.

  2. With the pull of a mask, many experiences have vanished. For how long?

  3. We have never had to wear a mask up here in Queensland, as the Covid never got a foothold when we shut the state border.
    Hopefully we will never have to wear masks in this Aussie state ... but as Sean/James used to say, "never say never";-)

  4. Oddly enough Delorus I have lived in Brisbane (and just outside Brisbane) all of my life and never been to the suburb of Bracken Ridge where Trent grew up in.
    I've driven past it many times on the way north to the Sunshine Coast, but never been into the suburb itself.
    I actually had to look up on a map to find out exactly where this suburb was.
    I grew up on the south-side of Brisbane and lived most my adult life in Logan City.
    Somehow I find it hard to believe Bracken Ridge would be hard growing up in compared to parts of Logan City, but there are good and bad parts in every city.
    I like it down here in Logan where people in Brisbane tend to look at the city as some king of crime capital without taking a good look around in their own backyard.