" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 30, 2020

2020, The X-Files and Patience?

Gene Dynarski stars as Ernie Stefaniuk in 'Patience'
'Patience' aired on my 12th wedding anniversary:-)
Talk about patience and 2020.
I've been working my way in order through 217 episodes of
'The X-Files' on Amazon Prime, not having before seen the first 9 seasons of the show, while reading Chris Knowles' co-authored book about the first 9 seasons of 'The X-Files'.
Chris' book was released on my 21st engagement anniversary:-)
To be honest, I never want to watch these shows again, as I'm not a fan of 'The X-Files' and would have stopped watching seasons back if I wasn't determined to complete my goal.
It reminds me of when I was a teenager and decided to read every word of The Bible in order from cover to cover ... boring as hell, but I did it, and probably wouldn't do that again either in this lifetime:-)
The season 8 episode of 'The X-Files' titled 'Patience' aired on my 12th wedding anniversary in 2000 I noticed.
It's a rather stupid episode about a human bat that goes around killing people in a small town in Idaho.
The Dead Don't Die ... and Where is My Mind?
And of course with me viewing this episode for the first time in the year 2020 when a virus "from a bat" is killing people around the world, it seemed like timely kind of metaphor.
Especially when the Ernie Stefaniuk character puts himself and his wife into a 40 year self-isolation to hide from the human bat.
Remember, Remember ... the Synchromysticism Surrounding Robert Patrick?But timing is everything in life it seems, as I had noticed that the actor who played Ernie (Gene Dynaski) passed away in February, 2020.
Gene's last acting role according to his IMDB page was a short film called 'Apple Jack' which takes place on the night of the infamous War of the Worlds radio broadcast in the 30s.
I found the two parter You Tubes of 'Apple Jack' below and watched Gene's last screen acting performance.
'Apple Jack' seems to be more about karma, fate and synchronicity than aliens and flying saucers.
I actually found 'Apple Jack' much more thought provoking and entertaining than 'Patience' although I realize I never would have watched 'Apple Jack' if Gene's passing in 2020 hadn't have caught my eye and I bothered to look through Gene's acting resume at his IMDB page.
Gene's birthday of September 13th, was the date my father passed away on in 2016.
So I guess names and dates strike us all on a personal level and grab our attention at certain times on our own life paths for us to take notice of things we normally wouldn't pay attention to in life's upward spiral.
Owls, Ladders, Dimensions, Billie Eilish and Jung?
Life is way more stranger than fiction I think.
The X-Files/Contagion/2020: Who Writes This Stuff?-)
I Want to Believe 2020 Isn't an X-Files Episode?

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