" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 17, 2020

Tasmania and a Lonely Planet?

When I was up on Bribie Island in September one of the books I picked up off the shelf to take home was an old Lonely Planet printed in October 2002 (not that I knew that until now), plus a travel book on Bali printed in 1999, and a biographical motivation book by Dawn Fraser -
Dates with Destiny?
The 3 books "I chose"
Bribie Island;-)
I chose the book on Tasmania as a motivation to go back and see some of the places I didn't get to see last time, like the town of Stanley where 'The Nut' is, and maybe even a trip over to
Gordo's September post at 'Rune Soup' about him visiting Stanley didn't hurt in persuading me in choosing that lonely planet book at the Bribie Island Book Exchange, either -
And I didn't know about the tallest lighthouse in the southern hemisphere being on
King Island until I had read about it in the Lonely Planet book I chose.
King Island
The Lighthouse as a Synchromystic Metaphor/Archetype in 2020? 
But there won't another road-trip to Tassie for me until the Covid dies down enough for all the Australian state borders to open up again.
The funny thing is that it was a whale movie that Chris Hemsworth had starred in that I had watched that was the inspiration for me to head down on a road-trip to Tassie in the first place, and now here he is in my local newspaper releasing Tasmanian  Devils and with a headline reading, "HITTING THE FAST LANE" just days after I had chosen to return to Tassie soon by picking up the Lonely Planet book at Bribie Island.
I also received this piece of junk mail that same week advertising a stuffed Tasmanian Devil:-) 
Oh ... and a stuffed Sylvester, not to mention also the rabbit ... keep reading to the end of this post to get that one:-)
Looks like I had better start planning that second Tassie trip then.
As for the book on Bali that I picked up at Bribie Island, I have no real plans of traveling there any time soon, even if I could.
I only picked that book up because I had just finished reading
'Eat Pray Love' and thrown that book into one of those boxes I dropped off, along with the DVD I had watched before heading to Bribie.
I just wanted to do some armchair traveling to Bali, not physical traveling.
But then again, who knows where life could take me, right?-)
I've Been to Bribie Too, But I Haven't Been to Bali?
Knowing: A Journey Beyond The Veil?
I was almost going to give this book
until I read the quote:-)
Angels - Marina Petro
The cat on the Hobart footpath
My cat Sylvester
A Wonderland of Coincidence in the Book Cellar


  1. Light between the oceans is a good movie. 2 ways of looking at something, neither really right or wrong. The instigating child is named Lucy by some & Grace by others . Spoiler: At the end they just call her Lucy-Grace

  2. Yeah, I knew that Wal42, as I met M.L. Stedman at a Byron Bay writers festival at a talk about lighthouses when her book had just been released, so I bought the book later and then waited for the movie to come out.
    I'm a lighthouse nerd like she is.
    Sometimes the movie made of from the book is a disappointment, as in the case of say 'Eat Pray Love' (in my opinion anyway), but in the case of 'The Light Between Oceans' I think the movie was just as good as the book was.
    Plus the two lead actors are two of my favourite actors anyway, so that was a bonus for me when it came to watching the movie:-)