" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 4, 2020

Bryan Cranston: Drive, Speed, Breaking Bad ... and the Last Book I Read ...?

Remember that George Carlin passed away in 2008?
The Last Book I Read Changed My Life and So Has Every Other Book I Have Read?
I'm currently slogging my way through season 6 of 'The X-Files' TV show at the moment because of the book that I'm currently reading.  
If I hadn't vowed to watch all 217 episodes of 'The X-Files' in 2020 I would have given up watching this shit a few seasons back.
It's only interesting for me as a pop-cultural study of the times and a head-scratcher as to why this show was/is so popular.
I can see why I never bothered watching this show when it was popular in the 90/00s now.
I was reading in
'The Complete X-Files' that the script writers for the 'Drive' X-Files episode admitted that they basically just ripped off the movie 'Speed' for the story-line, but I thought it was ironic that the guest star 
Bryan Lee Cranston would later star in a very successful TV series called 'Breaking Bad' about another kind of speed created by the X-Files' Vince Gilligan.
I also noticed that Bryan celebrates his birthday on the anniversary of Stanley's passing:-) 
Which got me to thinking about birthdays, birthday cards, movies and meat-suits, like I wrote about in this recent post -
We're All Just Skeletons Trapped in Meat Prisons?
Because my sons also took me out to the movies for my birthday to see 'Bill & Ted Face the Music', which is a sequel to the movies from way back in time.
George Carlin voiced Fillmore in 'Cars'
Who needs a phone box to travel anymore?-)
Especially in times of Corona?-)
Dodging Corona on the way to the carpark
I won't be able to come here in a wheelchair in my future:-)
Stairway to heaven for able bodied moviegoers?-)
Was my mum trying to be funny there?-)
I noticed that Keanu is only 21 days older than me, and that he was born in Beirut, Lebanon.
2020 Beirut explosion
This year just seems like a bad Stephen King movie, or X-Files episode -

UPDATE: November 5th, 2020
Released September 16th, 2011?!
[Mad?-] Max points out in the comment section below,
Bryan Cranston was also in a movie called 'Drive' in 2011, which I found amusing, because in that movie Cranston's character is named Shannon, and I'm working on a post at the moment that features an Australian singer named Shannon Noll, who I met a few years back at one of his gig's in a pub just a short walk from where I used to live back then, and he had a hit song way back called 'Drive' also:-)
But wait, there's more ...
Shannon Noll was born on September 16th, and which according to the 'Drive' movie IMDB page was the date in 2011 that the movie was released in the USA.
My father's funeral (he was a cab driver for most of his life) was also held on September 16th, 2016, the year my team the
Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks won their first ever NRL Grand Final.
Both Shannon and I are mad Sharkie fans, too:-)
I also noticed on Shannon's Wiki page that, "Noll married his long-time girlfriend Rochelle Ogston at St Peter's Church in Cremorne, New South Wales on 2 October 2004"
The Sharks won the 2016 NRL Grand Final on the Noll's wedding anniversary on October 2nd:-)


  1. Bryan Cranston also starred in 2011 movie, "Drive."

  2. Good synchromystic point there Max.
    I had seen that film years ago on a Blockbuster DVD rental and forgot Bryan was in it.
    The only thing I really recall was the graphic head stomping scene where Gosling's character relentlessly stomps a guy's head in.
    On a personal note I like how Cranston's character was named Shannon in that movie, as I met a singer named Shannon Noll a few years back after one of his gig's at a pub a short walk from where I lived back then (I didn't have to drive to get there in other words, and could have a few drinks and walk home again:-) where he performed his hit song 'Drive'.
    The thing is that I'm working on a future post at the moment featuring Shannon, as well:-)