" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 29, 2021

"My Mum Thought I Was an Alien Brought Here to Report Back on Humanity"?

Rick Morton's words in that heading, not mine:-)
The Garret Podcast: Writers on Writing At home with Rick Morton
Australien report?
I mentioned this podcast in my post about the new Suicide Squad movie coming out this year in August -
Gunn’s The SUICIDE Squad?
An alien report through Rick's eyes?-)
But I thought the podcast deserved to be highlighted with it's own post, and not buried in some long winded post about death, suicide and Margot Robbie:-)
I've not met Rick or read his books yet, but I like his take on feeling like an alien put on Earth to report back about the weird human animal which inhabits this seemly doomed planet.
And speaking of aliens? -


  1. What is about Australians and books with the word ‘Dirt’ in the title? Dirt Music springs to mind. Downloaded Morton’s book, reads well.

    What do you do when you see a grumpy Alien?

    Give it some space...

  2. I'm half way through Troy Cassar-Daley's book 'Things I Carry Around' which I bought up at Australia Zoo last year the day Bindi Irwin got married ... just before a Brisbane lock-down.
    Troy and his missus sat right behind me and my eldest son in 2018 at a premier screening of Simon Baker's movie 'Breath' (adapted from another Tim Winton novel) and now playing on Netflix.
    I was sorry to read the other day that Troy's old man took his life in 2019 after suffering a stroke.

    1. Extremely sad to hear about Troy’s dad, no idea that’s what happened. Did you end up chatting with Troy? Breath, a good book and movie, Winton envelopes the reader with atmosphere and places you in his world.

    2. Yeah, I ran into him in the foyer before the movie started when I was waiting for my son to get there.
      I saw him walking up the stairs and as he got near I yelled out "Hi Troy".
      He seemed surprised that someone had recognized him.
      New Farm where the cinemas are has a large Gay population, so he probably thought to himself that some old Gay bloke was making a pass at him (I'm 5 years older than Troy) :-)
      Of course I'm not Gay, but when I was sitting in front of him and his wife with my adult son, he probably thought I was some Gay old fruit with a young toy boy:-)
      When I was waiting outside the cinema toilets at the end of the movie he walked past me and said something like "catch ya around", but that was the last time our paths have crossed since.
      I did see him play live in a small tent at the Byron Bay Bluesfest in around 2014 when he dropped in for a surprise guest appearance.
      There is a post on the blog somewhere with pics of that Bluesfest appearance.
      But reading his 2016 book (that was the year my old man died BTW and the first time I saw Tamworth's Golden Guitar) I can see why he liked the movie 'Breath', because his life was a bit like the boys lives in that movie when he was growing up :-)
      I see Troy was set to play Bluesfest this year, but it just got cancelled today:-(

  3. That’s hilarious πŸ˜‚ . I lived in Fortitude Valley for a while in the mid 90s - incidentally where I first saw Trainspotting - like living in ‘The Last Picture Show’ hipster-ville edition. Walked into a bar with my tigers shorts and flip-flops (yeah I know, fashionista) to watch footy, instead watched a drag show, didn’t pay for a drink all night.

    The guy who’s running Bluesfest said he’s done, the end of Bluesfest.

    1. Yeah, I don't blame Peter Noble if he throws in the towel with Bluesfest.
      Two years in a row getting canceled must piss you off when you are the organizer of the event.
      But knowing Pete he'll be back trying to get Bluesfest 2022 up and running once he cools off.
      I had a one day ticket last year to see Alanis Morissette play Bluefest and ironically it was like "rain on my wedding day" :-)
      Actually, looking back on my wedding day I wish it had have rained and that lightning had have struck my ex-wife and mother-in-law ;-)

    2. I threw my gold wedding ring into the ocean off Cape Byron in 2014.
      I wonder if it's still rolling around in the surf beneath the lighthouse?
      Not that I ever want to see that ring ever again ... or my ex.

    3. If you’re ever in my neck of the woods Dazzle, I’ll set you up with a couple of single female friends of mine. πŸ‘πŸΌ

    4. Thanks, but no thanks Spartan.
      I have no trouble attracting women to me for some reason, but I like the single life now.
      I don't know why people think you need to have a partner to be happy.

    5. ...because it’s not happiness. It’s about sharing misery together πŸ˜„

    6. And I'm happy for you both :-)