" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 26, 2021

Randonauting with The Trickster?

The bus stop in MacGregor we were sent to after seeing 'Trainspotting'
Ewan McGregor is the star of 'Trainspotting' and we were sent to a bus stop in MacGregor:-)
I was watching a You Tube called 'Watch With Josh - Randonautica Viral Videos LIVESTREAM' and thinking just what a dud the app turned out for me and my son the night he downloaded the app onto his phone to try and have a WTF moment.
We had just been to the cinema to see
'Trainspotting' and my son was driving me home on the freeway, and for small talk I was telling him about a video I had watched about Randonauting, (which I have written a post about) -
Randonautica Viral Videos in Times of Covid? 
Then my son takes the next exit off the freeway and I ask him what he is doing, because I just want to go home, put my feet up and maybe watch 'Trainspotting 2' on BINGE, after my son had been telling me how he thought T2 was even better than T1(spoiler alert ... it's not IMHO).
He says that he is going to pull into the Garden City shopping centre and download the app on his phone and then give it a go, which he did.
I wasn't in the mood to do this now a night, thinking that we'll probably end up getting mugged or carjacked by junkies.
He asked me what our "intention" was going to be before he asked for a coordinate, and while I was thinking to myself how I just wanted to go home and watch T2, I told him "I don't know ... money?"
The coordinate took us right to a bus stop in the suburb of MacGregor, which was across the road from a creepy looking park.
Without getting out of the car we looked around to see if there was anything to do with money, if not some actual money laying around, but we couldn't see anything. 
I thought what a joke this turned out to be, as I couldn't see any synchronicity or meaningful coincidence here.
We tried one more time, but the second point was somewhere on a main road that was too dangerous to stop at without getting into a crash, so we called it a night and thought how lame it turned out to be using the app.
But as I'm watching the You Tube last night I'm thinking didn't that app send us to a bus stop in the suburb of MacGregor and my real intention (while not saying it to my son) was to go home and watch 'Trainspotting 2', which also had Ewan McGregor as the main star of that movie?-)
I texted my son this morning to let him know that maybe there was a WTF moment there that flew well over our heads that night:-)
I even left the Owl Guy Mike Clelland a comment/suggestion on his latest 'Hidden Experience' blog post to maybe talk with the other Owl Guy Joshua Lengfelder from Randonautica on Mike's
'The Unseen' podcast, since Josh seems to be into owls, UFOs and synchronicity.
Although Mike doesn't have a good track record of answering my questions that I have posed to him over the years there.
I get the feeling that he doesn't like me for some reason:-(
Maybe it's my Australien humour that puts me into the same category as Steven Greer in his book?-)
And on the subject of Trainspotting and Junkies I see a
Red Pill Junkie has made a comment to Mike about Mike's dream of stair-climbing (trying to get high?-) in the comment above mine.
Owl be waiting on your reply Mike:-)
But I won't be holding my breath from my past Hidden Experiences over there posing a question to you Mike and waiting for a reply:-)
Well I guess you are the "Owl Guy" and not the "Pigeon Guy" when it comes to sending messages Mike;-)

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