" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 4, 2021

Armchair Travel and Dreaming of a Great Escape?

Reading that first paragraph in the 'Armchair Travel' section of Nancy Pearl's book 'Book Lust' seems rather ironic reading today in my armchair in 2021:-)
And the local newspaper supplements, such as 'Escape' pictured above tease people about the great adventures they will be able to have overseas when Australia's international border is open once again (the closure was just extended another 3 months taking it up to July now), or the great holidays that they can plan interstate (if you are willing to gamble your money on the state borders not snapping shut within 24 hours of a potential Covid outbreak).
A Town Like Mparntwe ... and Who the F#ck is Alice?
My souvenir tea towel from 2016
My souvenir tea towel from 2016
I'm not one for traveling overseas anyway, as I've only ever left my country once, and that was for a football trip in the 70s when I was about 12 to New Zealand's north island.
It's not like I've never wanted to travel overseas as an adult, it's just that I never found the time or money to do it in my past.
Travel Bubbles ... Keep on Popping?
I love hitting the road in my car though and traveling across my own country seeing places that I never got to see in my past.
But now even trying to plan a trip out of my own Australian state of Queensland seems too much of a financial gamble.
And you never know how far away you can get until another state that you need to pass through closes their border forcing you into a 14 day hotel quarantine at $400 a day of your own money.
My souvenir tea towel from 2016
I'm glad I took the time to travel Australia in 2016, but there is a lot my of it that I still haven't seen, except from my armchair.
Now a day trip to the beach in my own home-state seams like a great life adventure:-)
Sunset on Bribie Island Wednesday September 30th, 2020
I'm not really into gardening, I'm more of an armchair gardener who likes to take my armchair out into the backyard and just read about it:-)
Fungi growing on a stump in my backyard

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