" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 21, 2021

You've Gotta Love Your Footy [Team]?

Hawthorn have pulled off one of the all-time comebacks?
Well, the AFL footy season is back in full swing again, and boy am I glad, because the thought of watching cricket in the off season is about as appealing as sitting on a couch and watching paint dry on the wall I reckon.
You GO girls!!!
Channel 7 news sports reporter Pat Welsh under the BL 
Channel 7 news reporter Pat Welsh spinning the BS before the game:-)
Maybe the practice nets needed to stay up a bit longer for us?-)
The 'BEWARE OF THE LIONS' sign coming off the field:-) 
WARE [WHERE?] ARE THE LIONS? might have been more appropriate?
The start of the Lions/Swans 2021 season about to begin
Win, lose or draw, I love being at the footy, and of course it feels better when your team wins the game, but I can't stand seeing those Lion "supporters" leaving the sinking boat to catch the early bandwagon bus back home while us real supporters are left cheering on the team.
I reckon that supporters whose team is losing when they try to catch the early bus home should be made to stay by security until the final hooter sounds, unless they have a good excuse to leave the game early, like Mark Wahlberg had when his son was feeling sick, when Mark wanted to stay when his Patriots NFL team were getting smashed in the Super Bowl that time, and then his team came back to win, but Mark had tended to his family's health crisis unfortunately for him that day and wasn't there to witness the WIN.
What a trooper Mark was that day?-)
Brain Dead Zombies with Burgers and Fries?
Although I wouldn't bet he was telling the truth;-)
Patriots' Day?
My son pointed out to me an ironic sign for me and him on the scoreboard when the game was already over by then for us Lions supporters, that the score was LIONS 10/7/67 SWANS 15/6/96.
My son and I are both Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks members, as well as Brisbane Lions members, and the Sharks entered the NRL in 1967, and the Brisbane Lions entered the AFL in 1996:-) 
There's a 'SIGN UP TODAY' for me and my son?-)
Well, the night wasn't a total loss for us Lions fans, if you like
Big Mac attacks, because the Lions did get those 70 points necessary for some comfort food, if you eat meat that is:-)
Of course those Lions "supporters" who left the game early don't deserve one ... or maybe they do?-)
A burger business with star power is about to hit Australia?
Maybe the Lions can partner up with the Walhburger Chain when they open in Oz for the match-day burger bonus points offer.
And there will be no questions asked whether you left the game early because you hate losing as much as everyone else who stays does:-)
Why does that number ring a bell for me?-)
Game Day Communion?-)
And while I avoid cheese in my diet pretty much throughout the year, I do share a match-day Margarita cheese pizza with my son before some home games.


  1. Nice snapshot of the night Dazzle. Bayley is a superstar what a start, 3 goals up and then you came back in second quarter, after the Swannies piled on 7 unanswered goals. By that stage you played your game and so it was with 9 goals in the third. At least Sharkies showed some fight.

    Perhaps everyone left because they wanted to see Hawthorns comeback, πŸ˜„ ... This week we’ve (my second team) got the unbeaten Crows at home. Who would’ve thunk that? Unfortunately my soccer is on at the same time.

    The Goat is the enemy of the Ox, the Gabba is founded in the year of the Goat and we’re in the year of the Ox won’t be pleasant for the Lions (Rat) at the Gabba this year.

  2. Yeah, the Swannies should make the top 8 this season.
    I'm hoping they push the Tigers into 9th spot on the ladder in the last round taking care of any Richmond 3Peat fantasy that their fans may have for 2021 ;-)
    And what a story the Swanie fans will have in years to come, of how they beat the eventual minor and major premiers in Round 1 of that year :-)
    None of us die-hard Lions fans consider those rats that desert the sinking ship before the final hooter real Lions fans anyway.
    And they always cop a gob-full on the way out from the rest of us real Lions supporters.
    I even stayed to hear if the bunch of Swanie supporters sitting behind me were singing the new lyrics to the club song.

    1. One more Tiger sync from Dazzle and in its in the bag. πŸ˜‚ Lions should just beat the Dees (AFLW)
      According to my scientific (Chinese astrology) calculations πŸ˜„

  3. Funny thing is that our girls have to play the Demons in Melbourne in the last round of the comp, and that is the team Natalie Portman goes for ... no joke.
    She even was given a Dee's AFLW jersey last year by the club.
    Plus she is in Sydney filming the next Thor movie with that mad Bulldogs supporter Chris Hemsworth, so the odds are she could very well be watching that game live ... at least on TV.
    So I don't want any "Black Swan" event taking place on the day in that game.