" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 29, 2021

What is Synchronicity David Gilmour?

The start of ‘Wish You Were Here’ has got a bit of mythology around various cables being taken out of studios and running to cars and running back again. 
What is Synchronicity David Strabala?
I was listening to 'The Mystical Underground' podcast featuring the film maker David Strabala talking about how he made his synchronicity movie with the help of a sound engineer named
David Lynn Gilmore, and being a bit of a Pink Floyd fan I couldn't help but think of David Gilmour from the band and some of the weird synchronicities surrounding the making of some of their records.
On the lions third “roar”- press play?
What is SynchroMysticism?

UPDATE: March 31st, 2021
Bob in a comment below tells me that
Fairuza Balk, star of
Return to Oz, is engaged/married to Steve Gilmour, son of David, which I didn't know, but find interesting on a synchromystic level if it is true.
I looked up her work on IMDB and Wikipedia to find that Fairuza is now starring in the TV show 'Paradise City' which has a tagline of "Rock&Roll is Where God and the Devil Shake Hands" which also reminds me that Fairuza Balk starred in the ending of Jake Kotze's synchromystic video 'ARMED With a DREAM: Peace of Me' which also heavily featured the band 'Guns N' Roses' while on the subject of "Paradise City";-)
I might have to check out 'Paradise City' for myself?


  1. Fairuza Balk, star of Return to Oz, is engaged/married to Steve Gilmour, son of David.

    1. I didn't know that Bob.
      That is pretty amusing in a synchromystical sense :-)
      I see she is now starring in a TV show called 'Paradise City' with a tagline of "Rock & Roll is where the devil and God shake hands."
      I see that Balk is of Blackfoot, Cherokee, Irish and Romani descent.
      And I thought I crawled out of a DNA gene soup :-)

  2. Oddly according to Alan ‘Eye in the Sky’ Parsons (and the engineer on the record) the band were watching Mary Poppins...

  3. Parsons is just talking "pie in the sky" fairy tales there. ;-)