" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 1, 2021

The Role of the Cosmic sWitch?

Susan Demeter and the Role of the Cosmic Witch
I'm enjoying the direction Mike is heading in, finally after years of of following him and thinking his wheels were spinning at the metaphorical stop sign of earthly life.
The day I listened to this Unseen podcast episode featuring
Susan Demeter in Italy I saw a news story about  200 graves in Italy collapsing into the sea.
Let's hope no body was hurt there:-)
Not that it had anything to with a Canadian living in Italy who says she's a witch, I think.
I also saw this story about the Playboy mansion and how some poor little ol' playmate had no idea what she had got herself into, until she "woke" up to herself.
"My grandma, what big teeth you have"?
Holly would have to have been either really stupid back then, or lying through her teeth now when recalling her story.
I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and say really stupid. 
Who would trust a creepy old f#ck wearing a smoking jacket morning, noon and night with a shipload of drop-dead gorgeous girls hanging off his arms everywhere he went?
Anyone with half a brain could see that the Playboy mansion was nothing but a glorified commercial score house (to put it nicely:-).
So we’re witnessing some revenge here.
I see that Hugo Weaving's niece Samara is going to play Holly in a TV mini-series. 
Madison is now looking forward to seeing her story played by Ready Or Not star Samara Weaving.
I couldn't help thinking that if I was an alien hybrid human that I would have a lot to tell to the mother-ship about the motivations ... or stupidly of the human race.
Not sure if Bridget would agree with me or not, but then again who knows what her motivations are for getting through this Earthly life, right?
GHOST MAGNET with Bridget Marquardt?
Anyway, I'll have to admit that I would buy the odd 'Playboy' magazine for the articles, jokes and cartoons, until I "woke" up ... and then drifted off back to sleep again:-)
Well hey, I admire God's works of art as much as the next guy ... or gal.
I also like how Mike was trying to look at symbols from a shrink's point of view, somewhat like Jung would have done ... maybe.
Now there's a cartoon that was ahead of its time:-)
The funny thing was I found this old 'Playboy' magazine when doing some de-cluttering and I don't even remember buying it, or why I bought it back in 2008.
Maybe it's like Chris Knowles wrote in his current post at
'The Secret Sun' about those Ultraterrestrials pulling a
cosmic switch on me, somewhat like the "Mengele Effect" -

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