" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 17, 2021

Where Did Richard Matheson and the Road Go?

Uploaded the day before
Richard Matheson
passed away?
Richard Matheson
(February 20, 1926 – June 23, 2013)
My two books:-)
I wrote a blog post yesterday as to why I'm now reading 
Richard Matheson's novel 'I Am Legend' -
Brain Dead Zombies with Burgers and Fries?
But on Saturday night I watched the movie 'The Life After Death Project' on Amazon Prime and was blown away with all of the "coincidences" surrounding my watching that movie on Saturday night (March 13th).
Bearing in mind that March 13th is the anniversary of the movie 'Metropolis's release date in the USA.
Forrest J ACKerman
Oh, and happy birthday and St. Patrick's Day to Brigitte Helm for today, too:-)
The only reason I watched the movie 'The Life After Death Project' last Saturday night on March 13th was because I had been watching Whitley Strieber's Dreamland interview with Robert Schoch that same night (which was uploaded to You Tube on March 13th), which I had earlier listened to as an Apple Podcast download on my iPad, and I wrote about in this recent post -
In that Dreamland You Tube video (above) an advert comes on at around the 34-minute mark where Whitley is talking about a "psychic" named Glennys Mackay.
And while I have never met Glennys that I'm aware of, I knew that years ago she lived in the same Brisbane postcode that I grew up in.
So I did a Google search to see what she was up to now, which gave me her old street address. 
X marks the spot of the intersection where I should have died
While I have heard of the name of the street Glennys lived in, I don't think I had ever driven past her place, but I know the area well, having lived the first 20 years of my life around there.
In fact the intersection marked with an X in the maps above and below is where I should have died as a young driver heading off to work, if it wasn't for a "voice in my head" screaming at me not to take off when I had the green light to go.
A truck I couldn't see because of a white van beside me waiting to get a green arrow, came thundering down the hill and through a red light just as I should have been entering the intersection with only my driver's side door to fend off a raging truck that wasn't going to stop.
The red arrow was me, the blue arrow was the truck
I wrote about that
near fatal miss in this post -
Apart from an old address there wasn't much in the Google search I did that told me what Glennys had been up to in the past few years, but there was an IMDB page featuring her that told of a movie she was in, which was 'The Life After Death Project 2: Personal Encounters', a sequel to the movie I ended up watching that night, but oddly enough Glennys was in that first one, too.
So I don't know why that movie wasn't listed on her IMDB page, as well?  
I couldn't find the first movie listed on Glennys' IMDB page, but the first one was on Amazon Prime, so I watched it and like I wrote above was surprised to find that she was in that one.
It wasn't lost on me that Whitley's late wife Anne had produced these two movies and that Anne passed away exactly one year after Robin Williams did on August 11th, too -
Anyway, it was when I was looking for trailers for the second movie of Paul's that I stumbled upon a You Tube interview Paul was on called 'Where Did the Road Go' and which had been uploaded onto You Tube the day right before Richard passed away in 2013.
As a tribute, the ceremony was dedicated to him and the award was presented posthumously
Academy President Robert Holguin said "Richard's accomplishments will live on forever in the imaginations of everyone who read or saw his inspired and inimitable work."
And the road doesn't end here either ... more to come in future posts ... God willing, that is:-)
After his [Richard Matheson] death, several figures offered tributes to his life and work.
Director Steven Spielberg said: Richard Matheson's ironic and iconic imagination created seminal science-fiction stories and gave me my first break when he wrote the short story and screenplay for Duel.
His Twilight Zones were among my favorites, and he recently worked with us on Real Steel.
For me, he is in the same category as Bradbury and Asimov.
Matheson cited specific inspirations for many of his works.
Duel was derived from an incident in which he and a friend, Jerry Sohl, were dangerously tailgated by a large truck on the same day as the assassination of John F. Kennedy.


  1. Matheson was one of my favorite writers! Have never heard of that movie,k but now it's on my must see list! Thanks, Daz.

  2. A lot to unpack there Dazzle. Firstly glad you survived that crash, had something similar happen to me which totalled my Citroen about two minutes after I dropped my daughters off at the pool. A couple of minutes after my crash, it made the ABC radio news, I know because I was listening to it stuck in my car. πŸ˜„

    Secondly, I can’t find that ‘Life after Death Project’ on my Prime... also do you know where I can find Duel?

    And as an aside. Matheson was born in the Chinese Year of the Tiger. Three-peat is on... Dazzle. Thanks for the post my friend a lot to dig through.

    1. I hope that pool wasn't the Dawn Fraser pool in Balmain Spartan?-)
      I got trapped in a 3 hour+ roadblock when a tanker blew up on the M1 five minutes up the road from where I live.
      There's a blog post with pictures of that incident somewhere on this blog.
      Put "Officeworks" in the search bar, that should bring it up.
      If I hadn't have checked to see if my windows in the house were locked ... again, then I might have been driving right next to that truck when it blew up.
      That voice can be annoying at times, but it is a lifesaver for sure.
      I was driving down to Byron Bay and didn't bother going for a pee when I left home, reasoning that if I needed to go I could always stop at a petrol station along the way and use the restroom.
      I was almost crippled by my full bladder when the cops finally got us off the freeway and I had to pull into the Logan Hyperdome to use the loo:-)
      Needless to say I always go before I leave home for a long drive now.
      I've been caught in 3 of those over two hour roadblocks now because of a pile-up.
      One in Logan, one outside Gosford (where I don't know how I wasn't run up the back and compacted into the back of a stationary bus) and one just outside Melbourne when I was heading to Eden.

    2. How’s this for a sync, I just finished reading about the delay in the reopening of Dawn Fraser - it’s been referred to the auditor general, sounds like someone ‘mistakenly’ diverted money to their personal bank account, perhaps a reverse jobkeeper - before I hit your blog to read your musings.

      Always keep a three little bottle in the car for those wazz stops Dazzle. When I head to the ‘G’ for a couple of Tigers games they come in handy between the toilet-less stretch between Gundagai and Albury.

    3. I met Dawn at the Royal Pines golf course on the Gold Coast years ago when she was following Karrie Webb around on a golf buggy in a ladies pro golfing tournament.
      Me and my then wife were following the group in front of Karrie's group, and Dawny came riding up to me and my wife and asked us if we could stop walking between holes while Karrie was teeing off:-)
      And my one word back to Dawn was "OK" :-)
      Once Dawn motored off back to Karrie's group my wife turned to me with her jaw hanging out saying "do you know who that was?"
      I said "yeah, Dawn Fraser, she probably saw I was wearing this Sharks polo shirt and because she's a Tigers supporter just wanted to piss me off because I wasn't following her girl's group around."
      Some English lady I have never heard of before or since won the tournament that day.

  3. The ‘Life after Death Project’ is still on Amazon Prime in Australia ... I just checked and it is still there.
    It's called ‘Life after Death Project 1' on AP, so put that in the search function on Prime and see if it comes up for you Spartan.

    1. Yeap it exists and it’s on my watch list...stupidly I typed in ‘The’ life after death evidently the storms here in Balmain clouded my judgement (as did the gin) by the way have you seen Tenet?

    2. You should watch it ASAP the way streaming services boot small shows like that off after a few weeks.
      I had a lot of shows like that in my "to watch" lists and a few weeks later when I go to watch them they are no longer available.
      Yeah, I saw 'TENET' on the big screen with my sons last year.
      It lost me from the get-go and after about half an hour in I just didn't care less anymore ... and I can't be bothered watching it again, unless somebody gives me a good reason why I should.

    3. Just finished watching ‘life after death...’ cooked my smoked salmon risotto for the Mrs & I and just about to put on Tenet. As you know it’s not sunny in Balmain today... and then watch my second team, the Swannies, lose to your mob πŸ˜‚ and I’ll look out at the top stand front row in classic ‘Roy’ as Daniher kicks your first in the rain. Good luck tonight Dazzle, have a xxxx gold for me.... Lions by 5 goals

    4. I drink Furphys and 4 Pines at the Gabba, not XXXX.
      And only a few on account of my small bladder ... which pisses me off when I have to up and run to the loo between quarters :-)

  4. Storms are forecast for the Swans\Lions clash tonight, so it looks like I'll be wearing my wet weather gear again tonight, like I wore to the GF last year.
    I'll be in the front row of the top level just to the right-hand side of the big scoreboard wearing my red coloured Fitzroy guernsey with a blue rain jacket and wearing my Lions cap to keep the floodlights and possible rain and lightning out of my eyes:-)

    1. I'll stand up in my seat and give you a wave at the end of the game when I'm singing the club song Spartan ;-)

    2. Yours to lose ...lions by 5 goals for sure