" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 23, 2021

When Life Breaks Your Pruning Shears and Gives You Mushrooms, Think of Lemons?

I was pruning a few branches in my backyard about a fortnight ago and was wondering why the small branches were so hard to cut, and then I looked down at my pruning shears to see that the blade was falling apart and that chunks of the blade were missing.
I literally swore to myself that I'd have to have a look in my supermarket for a new pair the next time that I do my shopping.
I then checked my junk mail and what do you know?
Pruning shears on special from March 17th, 2021:-)
Not only that, but they were selling button mushroom growing kits for $16.99, as if I need more mushrooms around my home right now -
There were even lemon and lime trees for sale.
I had been thinking about buying a lemon or lime tree to plant in my backyard the same day I noticed my pruning shears were broken, too.
I had kept my Father's Day card that my youngest son had given me on my computer table to remind myself to get a lemon tree to plant in my backyard, and then I was going to throw the card away.
My son was over the other day helping me with my computer and he saw the card next to my computer and must have thought I was holding on to the card for sentimental reasons:-)    
I could never work out why he gave me a card with lemons 
(or oranges?) all over it for a Father's Day card, unless it was the cheapest one he could find, or if he was suggesting that life was giving me lemons and he wanted to give me some more, since I knew what to do with them?-)
I might have to prune him from my will if he gives me lemons for next Father's Day ... not that there will be much in the will when I go but a home with mushrooms and lemon trees growing in the backyard:-)
When your kids give you lemons, grow lemons to give back to them in the future;-) 


  1. Can highly recommend lemon lime and orange dwarf fruit trees and a bottle of gin...

  2. Before I forget, ‘Palm Springs’ on Amazon is worth a view. Kind of like discount Groundhog Day with Time Loops and syncs...more of a cult flick than anything else, has that bloke from Brooklyn 9-9 in easy movie to watch.