" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 7, 2021

Which Religion Should I Choose God?

I'm not against religion like Richard Dawkins is, and I would definatley not call myself an atheist, but religion is not for me either.
I would say that the answers to those questions of Stafford Betty's above would be a big "NO" when you take a look around at the world today, as there are a lot of people who say they believe in an afterlife, but don't believe that others will be taking part in their happy afterlife, according to their Belief System.
I read Dr. Stafford Betty's article in an old copy of 'New Dawn' magazine, and while he makes a few good points he also talks a lot of BS, too (IMO).
But I'm no "expert" like he is, which made me wonder just who he was anyway.
So I did a search for podcasts he had been on in recent years. 
While I think there might be temporary hellish realms (aren't we living in one now?-) I certainly don't believe in a Biblical hell, or purgatory ... but whatever floats your boat I guess.
Stafford Betty; World Religions, Afterlife, and Consciousness discussions
And I'm certainly not a fan of some of the loonies in Spiritualists Churches who will tell you that they can talk to the dead.
Some can, but a lot of them in my experience are just pretenders or self-deluded souls.
Seek Reality – Heaven and Hell Unveiled
While Stafford's article I found good for a laugh, an article about some Anglican f#ckwit priest who wrote a book and a 'New Dawn' article about the dead Princess Diana coming to him from purgatory asking him to pray for her soul, while flames leapt around licking at her feet, really pissed me off.
What a disgusting piece of s#!t, that's the article, book and priest I'm referring to there.
And what 'New Dawn' editor let that article into the magazine?
Aliens & Artists Podcast: Jeff Kripal Part On‪e‬ 
Stafford Betty is a university professor much like Jeff Kripal is, and I was listening to the latest 'Aliens & Artists' podcast above, where Jeff talks about all the hate he got from writing his first book about the Hindu goddess Kali.
Hearing Jeff's Kali story and being in the de-cluttering mood I decided to get rid of the few Hindu statues I've bought over the years as works of art for my home, as well as my Australian Indigenous art and knick-nacks.
Not because I'm worried about being possessed or haunted by the art, more because I don't know that much about Hindu religion or Indigenous "religious" beliefs and it's not my culture (even though I have 1% Northern Indian genes:-).
The minor parts of my gene make-up apparently
Although I am keeping the few bits of Christian and Jewish religious art in my home even though I'm not religious, it was the cultural beliefs I was brought up living around from childhood.
More so from an extended family cultural perspective, because my parents weren't into any religion at all.
Not that I'm an Israeli citizen, but this podcast below is an interesting discussion on race and religious beliefs -
And this podcast -
I find Catholic art comforts and calms me, so I blame my Catholic Nan for that.
And this podcast episode below is why I say that I'm spiritual and not religious.
I like the cultural aspects of both religions, but take the dogma with a grain of salt.
If I was going to become a religious Jew I would choose to be a Reformed Jew, and still that wouldn't be Jewish enough for some Jews, as the latest episode of the 'Too Jewish' podcast below talks about.
Which is another reason I'd rather be spiritual, and not religious:-)
And my Buddhist art is staying put, even though I'm not a Buddhist.
Of all the world religions Buddhism is the closet one to what I believe in spiritually. 
I've put my Emmett Kelly sad clown figure where my Kali statue was to remind me of all the religious experts out there willing to give me their own opinion of what life is all about.
Gary Lachman: From Pop Music to Crowley to Jung?

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