" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 19, 2021

Speaking of St. Patrick's Day ... Diana Walsh Pasulka, Ph.D.?

Speaking of Jung Podcast Episode Q14: Diana Walsh Pasulka
Happy St. Patrick's Day 2021?
A very timely talk between Laura London and Diana Walsh Pasulka, Ph.D. at the 'Speaking of Jung' website, with enough links at the website page for this talk to keep you busy till next St. Patrick's Day, I reckon.
I had to laugh when Laura tells Diana around about the 1:06 minute mark of the podcast about a blogger who "got so upset" about whether he was using the word "synchronicity" correctly in the Jungian sense and that he said "we were arseholes[?]" [:-)]
That left me scratching my head if I was that blogger being referred to, because my crack about "experts" telling me about Jung's definition of that word and how it should be used wouldn't have included you Laura (no offense, but I don't see you as an expert on the subject, only someone who interviews "experts" on Jung's work) and my argument was not so much about whether I use the term correctly on this blog (because I don't care if I am or not) but that we "synch bloggers" need to get away from terming what we see as meaningful coincidences as "sychronicities".
I don't know if this is the post Laura is referring to about me "being so upset" about -
And as far as referring to Laura ... or Mike as an "arsehole" on this blog, well that's a head scratcher for me.
I have referred to "synch blogger" Alan Green (well there's a St. Patrick's Day "coincidence" right there with all of this green talk:-) as an "arsehole" for having numerous cracks at me in the past about how crappy he finds my "synchronicities" and I have even depicted him as a guy with his head disappearing up his own ass and a play on his name as "Alan Abracadabra Green", but you found offense where there is none when it comes to me calling you an "arsehole" Laura.
If I thought you were an "arsehole", I wouldn't be promoting your work on my blog, like I don't promote my old "friend" Loren Coleman's work on my blog ... unless I'm taking a swipe at his work that is:-)
Anyway, "angry[?]" rant about using the word "synchronicity" correctly over ... for now:-)
Writers on Writing on Podcasts?
I've written about my beliefs when it comes to the reality of such places as hell and purgatory in this recent post when a nut-bag Anglican priest wrote in 'Nexus' magazine about seeing Princess Diana coming to him in a vision from "purgatory" with flames licking at her feet and begging this loony to pray for her soul -
On an amusing (to me anyway) sidenote speaking of Jung, I picked up a flyer at the cinema on Monday night for a coming attraction called 'Mick Fleetwood And Friends Celebrate the Music of Peter Green and the Early Years of Fleetwood Mac' which has a picture of Mick looking like almost a dead-ringer of Jung's guardian angel/imaginary friend.


  1. Serendipity or synchronicity? I’d class Quantum as confirming synchronicity especially quantum entanglement. Pakula’s book is rather good actually. Speaking of books when are you writing yours and when’s your first billion πŸ˜„ ...psychics are never wrong, the world is.

  2. There is a s#itload to unpack there, as that dickhead shrink Freud might imply Spartan;-)
    I don't know how Laura thought I was pissed off at her and thought I thought she was an asshole.
    That would take a bit of doing before I called her an AH.
    Mike can act like a bit of an AH at times by ignoring me in the comments section of his blog, but he ain't in the same league as Alan Green and Loren Coleman when it comes to snarky comments said either right to my (metaphorical) face, or on podcasts where they mention "that Australian Guy" (that's Green I'm talking about with the 'Always Record'{your mostly boring opinions:-} podcast) :-)

  3. Yeah I found his Sync books pretty overrated and light on; Secret Sun, Recluse and Blogos more my kind of vibe. Your stuff is actually loads of fun, I get a lot out of your references and podcast/book/movie suggestions - still have a few more of your suggestions queued on my Spotify. You need to write an Aussie sync book dazzle or start a podcast, you’d be good at it.

    By the way have you explored ‘Time Loops?’ Or is that a dead end?

  4. Funnily enough, I'm working on a post now involving Chris Knowles, Dawn Fraser and Nicole Kidman, I just have to snap a lot of local newspaper stories and upload the pics.
    I like Chris and most of his work at 'The Secret Sun' but some of those nut-bags that follow him in the comments section are a worry and I can't be bothered commenting there anymore.
    In fact, I stopped reading the comments section after Chris said he was going to stop all of those trolls like JB hogging the comments with his mainly ridiculous dribble.
    Yeah, Recluse is interesting, but I don't know who Blogos is, though the name rings a bell.

    1. I barely comment on any of them. Yours and Blogos (Hermetic lessons) I read it and use it as part of my conversation at my local pubs...many ABC & TV personnel who frequent said pubs are very receptive to yours and secret suns info. In particular a ‘Rebel’ (Pitch Perfect) πŸ˜‰

    2. My "spidey senses" told me Rebel was reading my blog, she likes the Burt Reynolds/Pitch Perfect post I wrote I think.
      And I think you would be surprised at some of the big names who have read this blog Spartan ... and so would I ;-)

  5. The 'Sync Books' were a good idea, but I think Alan's motive wasn't so much to bring "synch" to the fore, but to profit off "sync-heads" like me and the others he tried to group together like some cat-herder and put us all together in his books ... and watch the GREEN stuff $$$ roll in ;-)
    But the $$$ didn't roll in for him like he thought they would I'm guessing?
    He even tried putting up a pay wall at his main page, and that didn't bring in any GREEN stuff for him either:-)
    Now it's free to visit, but who really cares?
    He invited me to write a chapter in the second book, but I was working at a big Swedish furniture store at the time and raising a family and didn't want to be in the "synch" spotlight ... and I still don't want to be in the spotlight of mainstream media.
    I do this blog not for money (I've never made one cent out of it, and don't intend to, either) but more from a compulsion (probably too strong a word there) like Mike Clelland says he does.
    I've always seen my job as being like a "synchromystic switchboard operator" finding "the others" and hooking them up through my own interactions with those that I resonate with.
    Or maybe it's all just that embedded alien chip behind my GREEN eyes making me write this stuff up?-)
    I've interacted with some good people over the years who were in that group, like Joe Alexander, Andras Jones, Doug-hie, Jason, Jake, Bill, Kevin, Sibyl, Will, Jennifer Palmer, Michael, Steve, Jason, Mark, David and probably a few others I can't remember, who I never would have met if it wasn't for Alan's cat-herding skills.
    I already knew Trish & Rob and Mike Clelland before the Sync Books anyway.
    And of course I ran into people I thought were nice at first, but later turned out to be arseholes, like Alan Green.
    Such is life.
    But it was fun working on that "Did BTTF Predict 9/11" You Tube of Joe's that went viral, and still is last time I checked.
    I lost contact with most of the group once I deleted my Facebook account, but I don't regret getting rid of Facebook.

  6. It’s a shame that people you think you have an ideological or esoteric connection with become such arseholes, but such is life. That Clelland book you recommended is next on the reading list after the Pierre Sabak weird etymological stuff I’m reading.

    Dawn Fraser once owned the Riverview Hotel (which is genuinely a Buddy Franklin drop punt away) now they play Creedence Clearwater cover bands which isn’t bad. Highly recommend their prawnmundi pizza if you’re ever in my neck of the woods.

    Mrs said thanks for putting her onto Glennys McKay...

    The sync book did reek of a money grab probably why I was so meh about it.

    1. I took my youngest son down to Bluesfest in Byron Bay one year to see John Fogerty play the whole of the 'Green River' album (there's a post with pics somewhere on this blog).
      John was brilliant that night.
      I also took my son down with me to see Bob Dylan play Bluesfest one year (there's a post with pics somewhere on this blog) and he was shit on the night ... and demanded that all the big screens were turn off before the concert started ... what an egotistical dick!

  7. I've never met Glennys that I'm aware of, even though she did live in my childhood postcode.
    I did read a few articles she would write from time to time in local spiritual rags that never really impressed me.
    My "spidey senses" were weary of her claims, and then I see that she was friends with Whitley and Anne Strieber.
    Whitley seems to think she's OK, but my jury is still out, until I see more evidence of her claims.
    In other words, like the alien stuff, I'm still on the fence about it all.
    Even though I'm probably a hybrid myself;-)