" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 31, 2021

A Sign I Should Tell "The Owl Guy" to Maybe Interview Allison DuBois on HIs 'The Unseen' Podcast?-)

The Dead Life Podcast:
Answering Your Questions
I was half listening to the most recent
'The Dead Life' podcast which I was finding rather ho hum until around about the 36-minute mark of the podcast where Allison takes one final listener question and Christiana talks about her father's passing away in a coma 3000 miles away and hearing his voice just before he died and all of the owls that showed up in her life afterward.
Then Allison and Joe talk about all kinds of birds that have turned up in their own lives, as well as other lives who Allison has done readings for.
Of course, I thought of Mike Clelland the "Owl Guy" and how he would love listening to the end of this podcast featuring all of the owl talk, and that maybe Mike should consider having a chat to Allison and Joe on his 'The Unseen' podcast?
As soon as I thought about whether or not I should tell Mike about this podcast I looked down at my iPad which had gone to the locked screen, and I saw the time was 12:34 pm, and I know how much the number sequence 1234 means to Mike:-) 
I guess that is a sign in itself that maybe I should tell Mike about this podcast episode?-)


  1. Strangely enough this appeared on my Spotify playlist earlier today probably the greatest Australian song about owls...

  2. Ha,I had forgotten about that 'Little River Band' song Spartan.
    Not really one of my favourite's of theirs.
    A bit of a yawn to me, not being a real night owl myself ;-)
    I'm a morning person, up with the Crows and other song birds.
    FaaarrrrrKKK! :-)

  3. Speaking of crows, went to the SCG on Saturday to watch Buddy’s first game. Crows have the making of a bottom 4 team, Swannies youth will turn them into a top 8 team this year. That’s the only sync I’ve got for you, other than hitting our Paddo for a few schooies and getting stung by bees (yellow and black = 3-peat)

    1. Speaking of Crowes, Russell's old man died on a flight between Sydney and Coff's Harbour yesterday :-(