" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 2, 2021

Brave Mediums and Psychics?

Brave: Courageously Live Your Truth
Brave, hmm, where have I heard that title before?
I haven't read the book 'Brave', so I'll have to take Guy's word on whether it's worth a read or not, but I couldn't help thinking of the Pixar movie 'Brave' when I saw the title of Sheila's book. 
I haven't seen the movie 'Brave' either, but I remembered seeing the trailer at the cinema just before it was released back in 2012.
Now I'm not skeptical about mediumship or psychic abilities, because I believe that we all have these abilities to a greater or lesser degree, but I am skeptical when people claim to be a "medium" or a "psychic" .
It's a bit like me saying that I'm a "musician", which would technically not be a lie, but I'm a pretty s#it singer or instrument player, and the only money that you would want to pay me for my services as a singer or musician would be for me to shut up and stop playing.
And there are a lot of people like me who would think we are pretty good musicians in our own showers, but would be kidding ourselves to tell others that we are musicians.
And I find the same thing with a lot of people who call themselves mediums and psychics.
I'm not having a shot at Sheila here when I say that, because I don't know her or her work and have only heard her speak on Guy's You Tube.
Does this make me a certified "Medium"?-)
I'm not Lion when I say I'm a Medium;-)
The Destiny Tea Room at The Gabba
The Destiny Tea Room
Cup of tea anyone?-)
Last Saturday afternoon I went to the Gabba with my youngest son to watch the Brisbane Lions play GWS in the AFL indigenous round and we were walking around the streets before the game looking for a drink and a bite for lunch.
"You Lookin' for a bite, mate?":-)
Normally we would head for a pizza, but the pizza shop doesn't open until 4 or 5 o'clock, and Saturday's game started at around 2pm that day, so we walked around the streets looking for something to eat.
I was telling my son not to expect a win from the Lions that day, as I was wearing my old indigenous Lions jersey and I could only ever remember wearing it to one winning Lions game.
I was pretty confident we would win that day, but I told him if we didn't then this jersey may well be cursed;-) 
GWS got smashed by the Lions that day, so the jersey obviously wasn't cursed:-)
Brisbane Lions vs GWS last Saturday
We ended up just buying lunch and coffee at the football stadium, as we didn't find anything that suited our fancy, but I had never walked past 'The Destiny Tea Room' before or even known it was there until I spotted the table outside the shop and quickly had a gander through the front window and grabbed a calling card off the front table.
A bit sexist I thought, since I don't carry a purse:-)
I don't have much faith in tea cup readers having followed my mother's mother (my grandmother) to many a tea cup reading in the CBD when I was just a young boy, where we would get a plate of sandwiches to eat and a cup of tea to drink and have our tea-leaves read to us afterward.
Secret life of the Brisbane clairvoyant who died in scooter accident?
I wouldn't mind blowing $30 just to see how good these modern tea-leaf readers are ... or aren't, more for nostalgic reasons than for any future life messages for me.
An ImportANT Message for Me in My Coffee Cup?
Me being a coffee drinker I don't want to buy another book about tea-leaf reading, but Kate's book looks interesting.
As for Shelia's book 'Brave' it reminds me too much of 
Doreen Virtue's last book she wrote before she went even nuttier and turned too Fundamentalist Christianity -
"GO THE LIONS!!!":-)
So I'll pass on reading Shelia's book ... for now anyway.
Hidden Experience: dove, angel or mothman?
Tea-leaf reading is a bit like a 
Rorschach Test when it comes to what you want to see, a bit like seeing things in a shadow on a face;-)
A Hidden Rorschach Test: Who?

UPDATE: June 2nd, 2021
Teenager pushes bear off backyard wall to protect pet dogs
I had barely put this post up and then saw this bear story above on the Australian national new-site and thought that the 
Beartown Coffee House was making home deliveries now:-)
Now, was that young woman BRAVE, or stupid?-)

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