" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 22, 2020

The Wild Wild Life of Talking Heads ... and Owl Messages?

Talking Heads?-)
On my way home from Australia Zoo, March 25th, 2020
I was watching a video (the one right at the top of this post) of a podcast I had listened to a few weeks ago, just before I had decided to go spend a day at Australia Zoo.
It's Terri and Robert Irwin discussing their plans on
Steve Irwin Day back in 2019 for the coming 50 year anniversary of Australia Zoo in 2020, as well as the plans for Bindi's then upcoming wedding at the zoo.
I had been planning a trip up to the zoo all throughout last year and this year, but life kept putting up hurdles every-time I planned to go, from storms and bad weather, to bush-fires between my home and the zoo, to personal days where I was under the weather myself, or something else just coming up to clash with my planned day out.
As luck/fate would have it, everything finally fell into place for me and I made the trip up there on the last day this year that the zoo would be open to the public ... not that I knew it would be the last day the zoo would be open this year, or that Bindi was getting married there that day.
Guess Where I Was Today?
I had nearly talked myself to leaving my day out at the zoo until the following day, but a nagging little voice kept telling me it's now or never pal, so get your ass up there today mister:-)
It's one of life's sliding door moments in hindsight where I didn't realize that the sliding door on my zoo visit was about to be slammed shut pretty quickly, either way.
In fact they were closing off sections of the zoo all day long when I was up there, obviously because of a wedding that I didn't know was happening there that day until I got home to see it all over the TV news.
A Bindi Island sliding fence moment at the zoo ... DOH!!!
Which is kind of neat that when people talk to me about Bindi's wedding day that I could always tell them, yeah I was up there that day at the zoo when Bindi got married. 
And I wouldn't be lying about it either, and I could just conveniently leave out the fact that I was probably back home by the time the wedding got under way, oblivious to the fact that there was going to be a wedding up there at all that day:-)
Navigating Covid-19 with Synchronicity?
'The Big Mower' just down the road from Australia Zoo:-)
The only decision I regret making on the day was not making a left turn to visit Bindi's Island, and going right to see the tigers, thinking I could come back and see Bindi's Island latter on in the day.
Tell God your plans, as they say, because when I was heading back later in the day to check out the island, they had closed that part of the park off.
Which means that if I want to see Bindi's Island then I'm gonna have to come back again when the zoo re-opens.
And as much as my rational mind is kicking itself for not looking at the map I had on the day and realizing that to go left to Bindi's Island would have been the logical move to make, because the Island was pretty much a cul-de-sac on the path through the zoo, and I wouldn't have had to come back again later, if I had have turned left.
All I had to do was turn left, instead of right:-(/:-)
Although in hindsight I probably made the right "wrong decision", as I wouldn't have ran into the tiger trainer who I had a good chat to about the tigers and the zoo, and the weird times we were living through at the time, which are a lot weirder now.
The weirder thing is I only went to the zoo on March 25th because of a series of bizarre personal signs and hurdles throughout the month.
I'd been really trying to study my dreams, but I can't recall them no matter what.
I then read a post Mike Clelland had posted at his
'Hidden Experience' blog about a dream he had which involved him climbing a ladder and falling to his death, and regretting that he hadn't done more in the life of his dream.
Pablo Ferro (January 1935 – November 2018)?
Terri-fied of living a life, not Terri?-)
Might be a message there for you Mike?-)
I turned around after reading Mike's dream post and there on the floor were a few old newspapers that I had gotten off my mother, and the March 8th, 2020 front page of the paper has Terri Irwin, who is about two months older than me, pictured climbing a ladder with the word TERRI and some lesser captions with one mentioning her good friend Russell Crowe, who is about five months older than me.
I don't know either one of them personally, but I was thinking it's kind of strange that we all came into the world the same year (1964) and we all could have been in the same class if we all had have gone to the same school together as kids.
Obviously, none of as would have been the same people we are today if we did.
But if we were to have met for a hypothetical "school reunion" this year, who I wonder would have had lived the more interesting life from '64 onward? 
If we were talking about life in the spotlight then maybe the prize goes to them, but if we were talking life overall, then I'm not so sure who would win, or if there would be any such thing as a winner, as I feel somehow that we all have done what we signed up for, before '64, even if we don't realize that we have.
Like Douglas Adams once is said to have said, "I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think that I ended up where I needed to be."
Although, I think that pretty much applies to everyone alive right now, no matter how shit-scared you are and in the dark as to where you are heading in this life.
Well, Owl BE, Billie Eilish Finishes On-top of the Hottest 100 Ladder?
March 25th was the day I went to the zoo:-)
I just knew I had to go to Australia Zoo pronto after seeing Terri on a ladder after reading about Mike's falling off a ladder dream, not that I really give a hoot about owls, but I thought I should keep an eye out for owls if I did go to the zoo, because of all this dreams/ladder/signs/synchronicity stuff.
After seeing Terri climbing the ladder and the quote from her saying "I do the work.That's all you can do, just let your work speak for you."
And Mike writing in his post "I’d pitched off the ladder and was dropping toward my neighbor’s yard. I made a calm declaration to myself, “There is still so much more I can do here, if I live I will do more.”"
I couldn't help myself and felt that I should leave a cryptic message as a comment on Mike's post and quote his own dream back at him by writing "You lived, so do more:-)   
I then referenced my owl/ladder/Billie Eilish post hoping my planned trip to Australia Zoo would also bring back some owl message Mike could relate to.
And I was dying to give away this smiling crocodile I got as a mystery trinket at a petrol station that I'd had put on my desk that I had made a commitment to myself to keep there until I had made the trip to Australia Zoo I had promised myself years back, just after receiving my my Robert Irwin hummingbird print and this free sticker they had sent me in the mail -
Hummingbird Medicine?
The Irwins might like crocodiles, but I don't.
I've since given the sticker and plastic croc away and replaced it with an owl I that bought on my trip to the zoo, which has a message very similar to the words of Terri's and Mike's.
Hummingbirds and the Horizons of Planetary Culture
Have you seen a hummingbird this big?
The Hummingbird Effect/s?
Is that guy pointing to an alien there?-)
So I guess there was a message for all of us in the end:-)
Owls, Ladders, Dimensions, Billie Eilish and Jung
Clelland History?
Russell is a bit of a rabbit fan, too Mike:-)
Of course it was a much bigger dive down the rabbit hole than this post suggests;-)
Maybe you should watch that You Tube up the top of this post where the Irwin's talk about their mystical trip to Scotland Mike?-)

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