" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 23, 2022

Fatima, Art Bell and the Number 13?

Attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II
Reading Malachi Martin's "factional" novel 'Windswept House' and trying to make sense of the Fatima prophecies with me not being a Roman Catholic, or even identifying as a "Christian" (my belief is more of a Buddhist nature, without being a Buddhist myself) I'm fascinated in the synchromysticism around the myths and beliefs of controversial figures such as Malachi Martin and Art Bell and have been listening to podcasts featuring Martin, Bell and the Fatima story.
Bell passed away on Friday the 13th in 2018, and Martin passed away the same year as Stanley Kubrick did, and one day after Kubrick's (and Carl Jung's) birthday that year of 1999.
The 100th anniversary of Fatima also took place on a 
Friday the 13th in 2017.
Chelsea Wolfe: Funeral in Vegas?!
Art Bell
For Whom the Bell Tolls on Friday the 13th?
What do THEY say about life and Art?-)
I guess we all like a spooky story whether it's true or not ... or maybe half true?
Gresham's Castle/Bishop Palace is Windswept House?
Fr. Malachi Martin - New World Order 3rd secret
of Fatima Russia and Ukraine
I find the Catholic Mass rather meditative and relaxing to be honest, and this You Tube above of a Requiem Mass from Earth Day April 22nd, 2022 interesting on many levels -
April 22, 2022 Earth Day?
Today’s annual Earth Day Doodle
Seems like the Catholics can't even agree among themselves about Fatima, never mind all the other fragmented Christian branches fighting among themselves over what they believe.
No wonder people say God save us all from religion.
Fatima Prophecy * Russia Consecration By Pope
End Timelines Converging
A photo released to mark The Queen's
birthday on Thursday

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