" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 5, 2022

Irrelevant Podcasts and White Noise?

Skeptiko 15 Year Anniversary Special
Ironically ... or irrelevantly ... I listened to 2 podcast shows that were recently celebrating milestones where the hosts of each podcast show were telling the listeners just what motivates them both to keep making their podcasts.
How To Be A Successful Podcaster
I stumbled across 'The Irrelevant' Podcast when writing my recent post about instant noodles and was searching for podcast episodes about instant noodles -
Singapore and Noodles?
The Irrelevant: Instant Noodles
Why Do This Show?
As I'm listening to the 4 hour 15th anniversary 'Skeptiko' episode after listening to the few 'Irrelevant' podcasts featured in this post I thought about the majority of podcasts that I subscribe to at Apple Podcasts (for free) are podcasts whose hosts interview or talk to guests that they find to talk to.
I really couldn't care less about the opinions or beliefs of the host of the show most of the time ... especially Alex from 'Skeptiko' who seems to be going further and further into the deep end of the "conspiracy" pool, and while there are certain things I tend to agree with him on such as whether Jesus was a real historical person or just a myth, I certainly do not agree with him on Covid 19 and his "plandemic" BS theory, among other things. 
Alex is even agreeing with David Icke's wild theories now, as can be heard on a recent 'Skeptiko' podcast where Alex interviews David.
Sean Stone, Conspiracy to Spirituality
And looking at the guests who dropped by to wish Alex a happy 15th (and maybe wished they hadn't:-) I realized they have only really become minor celebrity podcast hosts because of who they have interviewed in their past shows, too.
I'll bet that if they just did solo shows with no guests like the host of 'The Irrelevant' podcast then I would think listeners would abandon their podcast shows in droves.
Not that I see a lot of episodes that grab my attention at 
'The Irrelevant' podcast menu so far, but there are a few past episodes I just had to have a listen to, and they didn't disappoint me either.
The Irrelevant: Randomness
I don't believe that life is as random as others do, but it's fun to hear how others do:-)
Dean Radin,
Quantum Consciousness Experiments
I notice that Dean Radin only has a birthday once every 4 years:-)
The Irrelevant: Leap Years
It's irrelevant to me just how far off the rails Alex's belief's and anger goes, just as long as he has more interesting guests on his show than nut-bags to listen to ... not that I listen to his shows with who I consider are nut-bags ... unless I'm in the mood for a laugh.
You've gotta love the world of podcasting and all the pod-casters out there, and I can't wait for Harry and Meghan's next podcast episode.
Maybe they could interview David Icke:-)
And I must admit to liking Al Borealis' anology of climbing the

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