" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 20, 2022

DJ Kadagian, Liverpool FC and the Death of a Son?

NDE Deep Dive |549|
Heartbreaking tribute in support of Cristiano Ronaldo
Well, timing is everything it seems as the above 'Skeptiko' podcast dropped onto my Apple Podcast iPad list early this morning Australian time, so I had a listen not ever having heard of 
DJ Kadagian before.
There were a number of things that blew me away while listening to this podcast, but the main thing was when DJ tells Alex that after the death of his son the only thing he could do to take his mind off his son's death was to watch Liverpool games on TV, as he is a Liverpool fan.
Now just as this podcast episode was dropped Manchester United was playing Liverpool and the fans at the game sang
'You'll Never Walk Alone' as a tribute to 
who just lost a newborn son this week.
With Christiano Ronaldo being Portuguese I thought it was a bit of a personal synch that while I'm not a Roman Catholic, or even consider myself religious, I started reading a "factional" novel by the late Malachi Martin called 'Windswept House' which is mainly about the Fatima apparitions and corruption in the Church and EU, to try and determine for myself just how much fact is in the myth.
It's this James Tunney 'New Thinking Allowed' interview below that made me blow the dust off my unread copy of 
'Windswept House' and start reading it.
Ironically Alex says to DJ when DJ mentions losing a son in that podcast, that he also had a friend named Mark Ireland who lost a son and started searching through spiritual material for answers.
Oddly enough, on the 16th of April this year just before I started reading the book I listened to an old 2015 'The Unexplained' podcast episode about Father Malichi Martin by a podcast host who grew up in Liverpool.
DJ says in the 'Skeptiko' podcast how he went to Yale divinity school to get a hat like the Pope wears, even though it wasn't a Catholic divinity school that he went to:-) 
I also thought it was personally interesting that DJ says he has "massive" dyslexia and I was watching a show last night on Australian national TV about a dyslexic teacher in Queensland all the time suspecting that I've always been slightly dyslexic myself and probably why I never liked school.
New strategies for neurodiverse students
I'm always putting letters the wrong why round and having to reedit after I have re-read what I wrote.
I don't think that I'm in the same class as the teacher and DJ when it comes to dyslexia (pardon the pun:-), but I think I'm somewhere in the same school, so to speak ... or write;-) 
I can't believe Alex going on a big rant in that podcast episode to DJ about Gregory Shushan not being allowed to be agnostic while Alex claims to be a skeptic ... HELLO!
What's the difference between calling yourself a skeptic or agnostic Alex?
I also found it interesting that DJ mentions starting his spiritual journey when coming across Joseph Campbell's myth-work, as I was reading my old post about Campbell before I went to bed, as I noticed in my blog stats that someone was reading it -
The Message of the Myth?
Strange and Unexplained ... or Just a Hoax?
I consider myself not a religious person, but a spiritual person, and even if Jesus is just a myth I still believe in an intelligent force behind the scenes, even if it all looks like chaos from down here.
And since I don't know the ultimate answer to the ultimate question (like Alex does;-) I believe that I can call myself agnostic:-)
And just keep punching waves DJ:-)
I guess whatever you want to believe, the only thing we have is today ... and we aren't even guaranteed all off that, are we?

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