" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 15, 2022

Is it Safer to Drive in Mexico or Tasmania(Australia)?-)

The vehicle rolled off the road near
Elizabeth Town in Tasmania's north
I was warned about driving in Mexico but let me tell you about Mexican drivers. Basically they are perfect. They are flawless drivers. Which is to say they drive exactly the same way I do -treating the road rules like the pirate code: more like guidelines.
But the thing is, there’s a logic to that. There’s a logic to speeding when they do, there’s a logic to driving on the edge of the road if you want to go slowly, there’s a logic to having people sit in the back of pickups on the freeway. 
I have truly never felt more at home on the roads. 
I understand what literally everyone is doing. 
I wish everyone drove like Mexicans drive.
Mr Morrison was not injured or involved in the accident
I guess timing is everything when it comes to reading a Rune Soup blog-post from my old Tasmanian/Australian friend Gordon White who is holidaying in Mexico right now:-) 
And, in a way, that’s kinda funny because what they don’t really tell you until you get here -although I knew it from my obsession with travel vlogs- is that the city has no real sewer system. Which means used toilet paper goes in a little bin beside the toilet. This is balanced out by having three garbage pick ups per week, which just seems impossibly convenient to me seeing as I have gotten quite used to literally none at all back on the farm.
I love being an armchair traveler reading travel stories like Gordon's from the relative safety of my kitchen table or flush toilet:-)
Reading about
Gordon's adventures in Mexico made me blow the dust off my book '!Ask a Mexican' and flick though its pages.
Had I have read my book sooner I would have found out about Mexican Loo etiquette in this wise tome myself without reading it first on Gordon's blog:-)
It looks like I have some interesting reading about Mexico coming up in the next month between my book and Gordon's blog posts:-)
Mexican Radio: Dreams and Intuition?

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