" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 28, 2022

Star Children/Star Fire?

Interstellar Space Rock/Disco/Pop Soundtrack
companion to the book STAR FIRE by Ingo Swann
"symbols of the divine show up in our world
initially at the
trash stratum" PKD
Conspirinormal 402- David Metcalfe 4
Star Fire by Ingo Swann
I found it interesting how David Metcalfe mentions in the last 23 minutes of the 'Conspirinormal' podcast episode #402 (the free part that is) how Steven Halpern and Ingo Swann made a soundtrack for a movie that was going to be made from Swann's novel 'Star Fire', but in the end they were all binned ... until now that is, except the movie ... so far anyway.
Although I'm not that interested that I want to pay to hear Dave talk about it.
Archives of the Impossible and Psychic Media?
The funny thing is I just cleared out and gave away 1 of the 2 
Steven Helpern CDs I'd owned for years, but rarely played, but after playing his 'Attracting Prosperity' album I decided to keep that one, not to attract prosperity (but hey if it really does attract it I won't say no:-) but because I liked the piano rendition of 'Greensleeves', maybe because it reminds me of the ice-cream van that used to cruise my childhood street playing that tune:-)
Drumming into Coincidence the Healing Drum?
Listening to the sample tracks of Steven's 'Star Children' album, I won't be paying to own it, nor plan on buying Swann's book to read either. 
Remote Viewing: An Ingo Swann Event?

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