" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 3, 2022

Singapore and Noodles?

Currency used in American Jails?! 
How her Singaporean roots influenced
 her* *Fusion food*
I was surprised at the start of this year to find out that 
Singapore Noodles isn't considered a Singaporean dish at all ... but the more I read and listen about the dish the more I think just what national dish is really a stand alone national dish anyway?
I mean all recipes are really a fusion of cooking methods and ingredients that have come from other cultures and countries when you really think about it.
Just before Chinese New Year this year I was reading (still am) a travel book about Singapore and was contemplating a trip (still am) to Singapore in a year or two.
And since the Buddhist temple was closed to the general public this year because of Covid restrictions I decided to cook a Singaporean meal on Chinese New Year and watch the live-stream from the temple later on in the night -
The Eve of the Tiger?
I thought what could be a more Singaporean dish than
Turns out I was wrong.
And in my research I stumbled across a great podcast called 'Singapore Noodles' which is a tongue in cheek title about 
Singapore Noodles being a Singaporean national dish.
I've listened to about half of the 74 (and counting) episodes on 'Singapore Noodles' as it's a great insight in the Singaporean mindset and culture around food and lifestyles.
There is even a website from where the podcast originated from (or vice versa ... I'm not sure) called 'Singapore Noodles' where you can sign up for on-line cooking classes, buy cookbooks and subscribe to magazines, but I'll just stick to listening to the podcast for now I think.  
The First Day of the Year of the Tiger?
I've been learning a lot about Singapore this year through research and serendipity, so even if I don't end up visiting the country in person it's still been a life changer for me by just entertaining the idea of going for a visit -
And I have also learnt a lot about noodles this year from reading news stories and listening to other podcasts about the origins of 
The ripple effects of Russia's war on Ukraine are set to be felt as far afield as Indonesia, with industry figures saying it will likely push up the price of the country's most popular food: instant noodles.
I thought it was ironic how it was said in the 
BBC 'Seriously' podcast below that instant noodles were invented by a Japanese guy who did a stint in prison before inventing the instant noodle and that today in American prisons instant noodles are a currency to be traded for favours:-)
The Eternal Life of the Instant Noodle
I've learnt so much about noodles lately that I think I'll be having a rice meal tonight, so I'm wondering if there is a dish called
Singapore Rice?-)

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