" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 12, 2023

Conspiracy vs. Synchronicity?🌍🌎🌏

I'm with Jake when it comes to "synchromysticism", as opposed to the more paranoid syncheads like my old mate Christopher Knowles at 'The Secret Sun' blog.
Which is not to say that the world isn't going to be in for a rough ride in the coming years ahead, either.
There is still a baby in the amusing bathwater of 'The Secret Sun' floating around, if you can stand swimming through the muck.
TAXI for Mr. Knowles?!🚕😵🚖🕳🐇

UPDATE: October 12th, 2023 (about 6 PM Aussie Queensland time)
My young American mate Dan left a comment below about a singer named Iris Dement and a song she sings called 'Let the Mystery Be' and I had not heard of either before reading Dan's comment, so I did a You Tube search and found her singing the song.
Then I find the same song on the sidebar sung by Natalie Merchant and David Byrne from 'Talking Heads', and I do know who they are -
Birds & [Space?]Ships and Rabbit Holes?🦉🚢🕳🐇


  1. Brizz, I haven't commented on your posts in a good while. Earlier today, USA time of course( yesterday) I engaged Mr. Knowles politely about if Liz Fraser has ever read his blog or met him. Him and I are close to age by mere months, and I do enjoy some of his musings. He really insisted to me if I choose to BELIEVE his Fraser/Muse addendum. Now, he makes a strong case on it, but I can imagine this poor woman terrified of him. He pushes his institute too much as well...My only hang up with your blog is so much from Oz goes over my Carolina head!!! And I mean that respectfully! You are into music, so if you have ever heard of Iris Dement...her song, "Let the Mystery Be", sums up how I feel.

    1. You'd be surprised who reads my blog regularly and don't comment Dan, right Chris and Gordo ... although they used to from time to time back in the day when most syncheads were more friendly to each other and got along more.
      Gordo's probably worried I wouldn't let his comments through, since he binned the last jokey comment I left at his blog a while back ... and he could be right ;-)
      And yeah Dan, while Chris' posts about Liz can be rather "synchromystic" at times, his MKULTRA mind control puppet stuff is a bit over the top on a public blog that Liz can read on her home compter or phone.
      If I was her, I'd carry a can of pepper spray ... or a magnum ... at all times when in New York or Boston ... or wherever it is that Chris is living at the moment ;-)
      And thanks for the song recommendation, Dan, as you can see from my UPDATE above it blow my mind in a "synchromystic" way :-)
      Cheers mate and "Let the Mystery Be" ;-)

    2. I should mention Dan, that if it wasn't for Chris Knowles mentioning David Byrne on his Sun blog back around when I saw Dave play at the GC in Oz, I would have missed out on getting tickets, so I have to thank Chris for that.
      Cheers Chris ... I still love ya ... even though you've turned into a cultish weirdo since then ;-)

    3. If you are wondering why I referred to you as my young American mate in that comment above Dan, I was born in '64 like Russell Crowe and Terri Irwin (all Dragons), in the last year of the "Baby Boomers" (like Knowles and White like to categorize humans into apparently;-) so I'm older than you and younger than David (Dragon), Nat (Water Rabbit) and "The Sybil"(Water Rabbit) :-)
      I prefer the Chinese astrological cycle for categorizing people into, where the 12-year cycles play out through the one revolution of the planet Jupiter around the sun compared to when you were born.

  2. Too bad about the Secret Sun. I do not peruse it any more. There is a lot of cool sites to pay attention to. Debbie downer might be old and in mental decline. Kinda like 45, Robert Kenedy JR, To shine forth is key! 87

  3. Debbie Downer has to learn to sync or swim in these rough mental seas we are all swimming in today Dennis ;-)