" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 5, 2019

Rhapsody In Bluebottles: Gershwin?

Thousands stung
"Director of the Australian Marine Stinger Advisory Service, Lisa-ann Gershwin, said the striking blue jellyfish lived in armadas in the middle of the ocean and had a keel-like crest and trailing tentacles.
Bluebottles have definitely been fairly rambunctious lately, pretty much throughout south-east Queensland, they've been coming in in large numbers in a lot of places," Dr Gershwin said.
"They are also appearing at beaches in New South Wales, Victoria and Tassie — we've been getting them in a lot of places."

According to Surf Life Saving Queensland, during the past week, since December 28, 13,243 bluebottle stings have been treated by lifesavers and lifeguards across Queensland, many at popular beaches on the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.
Since December 1, more than
18,000 stings have been recorded in Queensland compared to just more than 6,000 for the same period last year.
Rhapsody in Blue
"Late on the evening of January 3, at the Ambassador Billiard Parlor at Broadway and 52nd Street in Manhattan, while 
George Gershwin and Buddy De Sylva were playing billiards, his brother Ira Gershwin was reading the January 4 edition of the New York Tribune.
An article entitled "What Is American Music?" about the Whiteman concert caught his attention, in which the final paragraph claimed that "George Gershwin is at work on a jazz concerto, Irving Berlin is writing a syncopated tone poem, and Victor Herbert is working on an American suite."In a phone call to Whiteman next morning, Gershwin was told that Whiteman's rival Vincent Lopez was planning to steal the idea of his experimental concert and there was no time to lose.
Gershwin was finally persuaded to compose the piece."
I actually have Lisa-ann Gershwin's book 'Stung!' in my bookcase, so maybe it's time to read it?
Timing is everything it seems when deciding to read a book or watch a movie -
Smells like Jellyfish?
'Fascinating' creatures?
"Dr Gershwin, who is also the co-creator of The Jellyfish App for species identification, said bluebottles were an intriguing species and each one was actually made up of several colony members.
"They're fascinating — the
bluebottle that we see isn't actually an individual, it's a colony, like a coral colony; they are comprised of numerous individuals stuck together in the same place," she said.
"The stinging cells are even more amazing … they are all over the tentacles, they are saturated with stinging cells, and each microscopic stinging cell is like a little capsule with a harpoon coiled up inside and bathed in venom and it's got a little hair trigger at one end.

And just when I thought it was still unsafe to go back into the water;-)
Jaws 3?
The delicate and deadly world of jellyfish: from Bazinga to Shiraz
I'm heading off to the pool now.
See ya later?

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