" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 3, 2019


Captain & Tennille’s Daryl Dragon dead at 76
"Daryl Dragon, best known as “The Captain” from Captain & Tennille has died with his former wife by his side."
Dr Hook's Ray Sawyer Dies Aged 81 on the Last Day of 2018?

Jimmy Osmond treated for stroke
"Pop star Jimmy Osmond is being treated for a stroke that was diagnosed after he came off stage following a pantomime performance on Thursday.
Osmond, 55
, was playing Captain Hook in Peter Pan at the Birmingham Hippodrome."

It's been a bizarre week when it comes to the musical news of Captains and Hooks, that's for sure.
And in the first month for my new kitchen wall calendar is an old poster of Captain James Cook, who is credited as discovering Australia by some and cursed by others for stealing it from the indigenous.
I bought the calendar to remind me to do some traveling to parts of Australia that I have never visited before, like South Australia and the red centre, like the rock.
But the poster of Captain Cook in January is probably a wink to January 26th being 'Australia Day'.
So, every year in Australia there are calls for the day Australians celebrate being Australian to be moved from January 26th (the day Cook "discovered" Australia) to some other significant date.
But nobody seems to be able to decide just what that date should be.
But I think I may have found the perfect date that would suit Captain Cook lovers and haters equally, and those like me who couldn't care less about Cook and just love Australia.
February 14th (AKA Valentine's Day) the day Captain Cook was killed in Hawaii.
Ironically, Captain Cook was said to have had his heart cut out, cooked and eaten.
Captain Cook cooked?!
"The esteem which the islanders nevertheless held for Cook caused them to retain his body. 
Following their practice of the time, they prepared his body with funerary rituals usually reserved for the chiefs and highest elders of the society.
The body was disembowelled, baked to facilitate removal of the flesh, and the bones were carefully cleaned for preservation as religious icons in a fashion somewhat reminiscent of the treatment of European saints in the Middle Ages.
Some of Cook's remains, thus preserved, were eventually returned to his crew for a formal burial at sea."
Seems the perfect day for a BBQ, as Australians like to do on Australia Day;-)
The world is such an ironic place it seems.

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