" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 5, 2019

To the Lighthouse: Yes Virginia There Really is an Aquaman?

Nicole Kidman as Virginia Woolf
I saw the movie 'Aquaman' last night and if you were to ask me if I liked it or not, I'd have to say that it's different.
I only went to see it because it was filmed just down the road, more or less, from the cinema I saw it in.
The film has mixed reviews, and I still don't know whether I liked it or not.
I'll stay on the fence, as I liked it in bits, but it was too long, and it felt like I was going in and out of a coma at times and wishing it would hurry up and end.
Aquaman Spoiler Special ft. James Wan
Nicole Kidman as Virginia Woolf in 'The Hours'
My mind went to other synchromystic pop-cultural places while watching this film, like Nicole Kidman, who plays Aquaman's mother and conceives him in a lighthouse, when Kidman is famous for playing Virginia Woolf, the author who wrote 'To the Lighthouse' and ended her life by drowning herself.
The words of Virginia Woolf's suicide note
And I couldn't help noticing Lovecraft's book 'The Dunwich Horror' sitting on the coffee table in the film and trailer and the suggestion in the Empire podcast that James Wan might be hinting at making it into a film adaption, which would interest me more than watching an adaption of a DC comic.
The Dunwich Horror and Whippoorwills as Psychopomps of the Dead?
Synch, Swim or Shimmer? Part 1
I think those guys might just be getting my hopes up about there ever being a decent movie made of Lovecraft's Dunwich tale somehow, but I live in hope.
And while I don't know if I can sit through 'Aquaman' for a second time, if I did, I might have to see it down in Byron Bay's Pig House Flicks cinema after a visit to the lighthouse;-)
The lighthouse at Byron Bay
And I'll check out the new sculpture in Byron Bay, too.
'Aquaman' is definitely worth a look, but drink plenty of coffee before and during the movie I say. 

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