" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 21, 2021


Cass Moriarty chatting to Matt Nable on ... Zoom:-(
I finally bit the bullet and signed up for ZOOM, so my son and I could watch the above interview between Cass Moriarty and
Matt Nable at my dining table, a talk which we were originally booked in to see live in the Avid Reader bookstore, until Matt got caught in the Sydney Covid lock-down and couldn't travel to Brisbane.
Can't say that I'm much of a ZOOM fan, though.
It's a poor substitute for the live get togethers at the bookstore, I reckon.
But what can you do in a pandemic I guess?
I haven't read Matt's new book 'STILL' yet, but I have read his earlier book 'GUILT' and have given it to my son to read.
'STILL' seems to be getting good reviews on the Goodreads site I noticed.
Killer Content with Emily Webb: Matt Nable
I told my youngest son about running into Matt Nable at the Byron Writers Festival, when my son and I went and saw Matt in the movie 'The Dry' -
JAM Nation: Matt Nable on His Latest Novel 'Still'
Ironically, the day after we had watched Matt talk about his new book over ZOOM I saw in the local newspaper that the new
Jess Watson Netflix biopic was finally getting underway after being in development hell for about the last 10 years -
True Spirit Becalmed No More?
From the July 30th, 2021 Courier Mail newspaper:-)
July 30th, 2021 Courier Mail newspaper:-)
And by that weekend Brisbane would be in a 7 day lock-down, as well:-(
Funnily enough, Sean is my son's name, too:-)
At least I had
Cass Moriarty's book 'The Promise Seed' to read during the lock-down, which to be honest is not the kind of book that you want to read in a lock-down I think.
I bought Cass' book when I went to see Graeme Simsion's talk at the Avid Reader, thinking that Cass was a sister to Liane Moriarty, but she wasn't it turned out when I asked Cass at the signing table - 
"Confronting my grandmother the Baba Yaga"?

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