" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 23, 2017

Mexican Radio: Dreams and Intuition?

I bought a box set about 'The Meaning of Dreams' at one of those cheap discount stores like The Reject Shop and I was reading the section about radios appearing in dreams, which just happened to be above roads appearing in dreams.
I couldn't help thinking of one of my favourite nonsense fun songs from my past, 'Mexican Radio'.
The music video was in heavy rotation on MTV throughout 1983, so that's probably why that song sticks in my head, but I like Mexican culture, art and music, even though I don't speak hardly any Spanish at all.
There is something that draws me to Mexican culture on an unconscious level, which is probably why I like the song 'Mexican Radio', as these guys seem to be echoing the same sentiment in the video clip.
They don't understand what draws them to Mexican radio station's airwaves and messages, but they seem to sense there is something important to decipher in the message.
To my thinking this is a very good analogy of the unconscious trying to send the conscious an important message.
In the video clip the singer starts off with his hand to his ear and his eye to one side as if to be concentrating on a message floating in the airwaves.
Then he says he feels the hot wind on his shoulder and the touch of "a world that is older".
Then he goes to sleep with the radio on and hears the "talking" of the DJ, but he can't understand just what does he say.
So, the "Mexican Radio" is really the singer's dreamworld/unconsciousness trying to communicate to him, if we don't take the song to literally and think that the singer is complaining of the real radio and DJ keeping him from sleep.    
The final scene from the 'Mexican Radio'
music video
But forget about your dreams for a minute and ask yourself how many times does a song come on the radio that syncs up with your waking life in some significant WTF(?) way?
And it's usually when you are driving ... but often for me when I'm washing the dishes.
But as the page out of the dream kit pictured above states, a road in your dream describes your direction or approach to something in your life.
Dreaming of being at a crossroad represents the choices confronting you.
I'm also reading Tracey Rollin's book about Santa Muerte at the moment and was reading through the purple aspect of Santa Muerte according to Tracey, where Tracey writes that the purple aspect of the death saint is the mistress of the hidden way to call upon for guidance when you pass into the small death of sleep.
Nina Violeta is the queen of the crossroads according to Tracey and that sure is a powerful subconscious image, I think.
Not that I would be calling on the purple aspect of the "saint of death" to guide me through my sleep though.
I think Santa Muerte is a very powerful "subconscious" force that you better know what you are in for when you call upon her, and I would rather stick with my own "subconscious" guides and saints to help me with my dreams.
But that's just silly old me, right?
You do what you like if you want to dive off a cliff thinking the water below will be fine to dive into, I'll find a safer way in.
You never know what could be swimming in the waters you find too deep, I think.
I like Tracey's book about Santa Muerte and think it is well worth the read, but I would personally be careful who I invite to guide me through the dreamworld though.
But I do think learning from our dreams can be a very good thing for our waking, lives if we learn to do it properly and listen out for that Mexican DJ who talks to us in our sleep and sometimes waking life, too.

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