" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 29, 2018

From 8 and to Infinity and Beyond?

Follow your heart scarab?
I went to the 'Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives' exhibit at the Queensland Museum in May, which I have already written a post about and have one, maybe two more to write about in the future -
Did the Hei-tiki Originate from Egypt?
After going through the exhibition I bought a few souvenirs at the shop on my way out.
I bought two books, a blue scarab magnet for my fridge and a gold coloured metal trinket with the word "wealth" printed on one side and hieroglyphics printed on the other side, which I presume means "wealth" also.
The wealth trinket sits in front of my Egyptian cat statue which has a scarab on its chest, a statue I have had for years because of my love of cats as pets. 
The blue scarab beetle is on the front of my fridge with all of my other favourite magnets I have picked up on my life travels.
The reason I like scarabs so much is because I'm a huge fan of 
Carl Jung's (unfinished in my opinion) work and the scarab beetle played an important role in Carl's theory of synchronicity.
The blue heart scarab in the book 'Egyptian Mummies' 
I thought it was interesting that the scarab was a symbol representing the heart, as I have had a "follow your heart" magnet on my fridge for some time.
On that magnet is a ladybug, which I always thought was for luck and meant follow your heart/intuition and you'll become lucky.
But now I think it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to see the ladybug being a modern equivalent of the Egyptian scarab beetle as far as symbology goes.   
My blue scarab fridge magnet didn't come with a set of wings like the one pictured above in my other book that I bought at the museum on the day, so I guess I'll have to earn my wings on my travels through life and death:-)
I was aware of the Egyptian myth about the weighing of the heart against the feather, as I have had a little mummy figure on my bookcase with a real crow feather next to it for some time. 
But I had forgotten about the heart scarab and the role it plays in that tale.
I was glad that I picked up the "children's book" called 'Egyptian Mummy' by the 'Inside Out' group of books and I saw on the back cover of the mummy book that they had other books on subjects ranging from sharks and dinosaurs to the human body, for ages "8 and up".
Why "8 and up" I thought as I read the back cover?
I thought with a book about the afterlife and mummys and with infinity being represented in symbol as a figure 8 on its side then maybe something like the back cover I rejigged below would be more appropriate?-)
It's a great little book and I highly recommend picking up a copy at the end of your trip through the exhibition, if you go.
But pay no attention to what I tell you about the book, just follow your on heart...or heart scarab;-)
You certainly can learn a bit from the ancient Egyptians, but I feel as smart as they may have been they had a long way to go in esoteric knowledge, so keep walking and let the other seekers take the elevator I say;-)
Queensland Museum, Brisbane, Australia
And remember to play nice or I'll tell your mummy:-)
Queensland Museum, BrizVegas, Australia
BrizVegas or BrisVegas (Brisbane's Nicknames)

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Trish MacGregor said...

Yikes! You take this stuff to a whole other level. I wonder what Jung thinks about it all, now, from his perspective wherever he is.