" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 30, 2018

#MeToo: Serpico "Only" a Bad Cop Too?

Last year at the Byron Writer's Festival the #MeToo type discussions were happening all around the festival tents with Tracey Spicer's new book and journalistic investigations shedding light on sexual harassment in the workplace and hinting at some big names about to be dragged through the media.
It wasn't long before big names were being spotlighted with #MeToo accusations in the media.
But one I never heard or read about in the media was whistle-blower cop Frank Serpico being accused of sexual misconduct.
That was until this week when I read Caroline Baum's #MeToo confession of her encounter with the ex-cop in a lead up to what was to be a spot on the Michael Parkinson show for him in her memoir "Only".
In chapter 13 titled 'An Assignment', Caroline recalls meeting Frank in Wales and the first thing he did according to Caroline was to pat her down to see if she wasn't wearing a wire.
After lunch they drove to a remote commune were Frank led Caroline into a room with one chair and a bed, with Frank taking the chair for himself.
Caroline then says before she knew it Frank was on her and she wriggled to get away to see him pointing a gun at her.
After a few words to him he put the gun away and drove her back to the train station, but as the train pulled into the station she claims Frank kissed her on the mouth.
I thought Serpico must have died before the book came out, but no, I looked him up on the web and according to Wikipedia he is still alive.
Who can you trust anymore if you can't trust a "good" cop?
If ONLY I knew?
If Only I Could Remember Where I Was When JFK Was Shot, But Can You?

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