" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 7, 2018

Seeing a Local Star on Star Wars Day?

Dami Im on stage at the Powerhouse May the 4th, 2018
On Friday May the 4th, 2018 (Star Wars Day) I went to the Powerhouse in Brisbane to the concert of a local singer who literally lives right up the road from me.
Don't worry Dami, I'm no stalker.
In fact the plovers Dami sings about in her song 'I Hear a Song' are probably the same birds I hear in the mornings, too.
I've never heard Dami sing live before except for when she sung the national anthem right before the Sharks would win their first NRL grand final in 2016.
My spot on NRL grand final night in 2016
I was right behind her on the night with my son on the sidelines.
2016: Heroes, Anti-Heroes, Football, Music and Movies
Is that a big fish like a shark in that lightning bolt?
Did the 'Back to the Future' Trilogy Predict the 2016 NRL Grand Final Teams?
The Powerhouse is one of my favourite venues, so when I saw that Dami was singing there on May the 4th it was a good excuse for a night out.
There was even a free comedy night going on that I watched before going to Dami's show later in the night.
The thing I like about going to the Powerhouse is looking at the art around the place.
You have to watch where you are sitting when you are in the Powerhouse though;-)
And be careful that you don't touch something that you shouldn't.
A lot of the artwork on display at the Powerhouse is for sale, so each visit I make to the venue provides me with art I haven't seen there before, so it pays to walk around the joint each time I'm there.
I loved these bird paintings I saw on the night, especially this magpie painting below.
But I already have enough magpie art on my walls at home -
The Metaphorical God of Good/Bad?
I'm kind of glad I left my credit card with all the money on it at home that night, because it would have been tempting to take something home with me.
I've got plenty of koalas around where I live screeching in the trees at night outside my window, so I don't need another one inside my home on the wall:-)
Cry me a Brisbane River?-)
I had a great night at the Powerhouse on May the 4th and while I didn't leave the venue with a painting I did leave with another great work of art.
I was going to get Dami to sign my CD and have a chat to her at the signing table, but I realized the CD I bought was already pre-signed, so it would have been weird to ask her to sign it again.
The weird thing too was that in the interval of Dami's show her parents came and stood right in front of me and chatted with someone they knew who kept telling them how proud they should be of Dami.
Dami with her parents in an article from the local paper
They should be proud too.
I'm no fan of shows like 'Australian Idol' and 'The Voice' where three pompous judges give you the thumbs up or down, so it's good to see Dami following her own voice now.
The Message...Just Be Yourself
That's what Jesus would do, I'm pretty sure.
 And Amen to that, I say.

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