" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 5, 2018

What are the Odds?!

Man wins won lotto three times in one month
"The odds of winning the lotto in Australia are about 50 million to one [that depends on just which lottery game you play], but one lucky Sydneysider has managed to do it three times – all in the last month.
Carlo Massetti
has decided to give up his anonymity to support a charity close to his heart.
The 59-year-old bought two system entry tickets from the
Six Ways Newsagency in Bondi Junction last month, winning him almost $2.5 million.
He then bought a third ticket with the winnings and, incredibly, got lucky again, winning another $48,000
In total, he spent close to $5,000 on each ticket, netting a total of almost $3 million.
Today, Mr Massetti donated 
$50,000 of his lottery winnings to St Vincent’s Hospital’s heart and lung unit.
Mr Massetti was motivated to donate to the hospital because of a family history of heart disease
His generosity has allowed the hospital to buy an
Organ Care Machine, that can recharge a damaged or dead heart.
The hospital performs around
100 heart and lung transplants a year and with the new machine, more donated organs can now be transplanted successfully."
The Improbability Principle: What are the Odds?
Just How Random is Life and is There a Hidden Hand at Play?
You might be able to impress an atheist or agnostic with the odds Dr. Hand, but I've seen too many things to suggest that the odds in life are well and truly rigged from a higher level.
And while I'm no fan of any major earthly religion and the word "God" sticks in many people's throats when they are trying to talk spirituality, then let's just say that the Great Dealer in the Sky hands out some very improbable cards, but the odds really don't come in to play as randomly as people might think.
Life is a very long game of cards and one life doesn't make a complete game out of it, I think.
One life is a journey, but there are many journeys when it come to life.
Oh ... I think I may have just come up with a unique quote, but then again "there is nothing new under the sun", as someone once said;-)
"It is by cloaking ourselves in the archetype of The Emperor that we are able to move to the centre of the Wheel, where there is less movement, and where magic truly can happen and be benefited from.
Take a look at The Emperor card.
He is sober.
He shields himself with armour knowing, as he does, when it is prudent to protect himself — and which he can remove at any time, I take pains to emphasise: he is not trapped by it.
He embodies the idea of kingly authority over his domain.
He has strong support at his back.
He knows when to act, and when to stay still; he has discernment."
To all you "Flatearthers" out there just pretend that the world is a flat circle, if that sounds better to you;-)

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