" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 16, 2018

Life Form Replicas?

Just when I was thinking that life is full of all sorts of ridiculous crap the Cosmic Joker throws a bucket of plastic shit my way in the form of  an internet search with this as my answer -
Nasco SB49923 Life form Replica, Bucket of Scat, 13 Different Animals
With a model number of SB49923 it was almost a personal message to me from the universe, if it wasn't for the extra 9 that is, because my birthday is on the 23rd of September and Americans (not Australians though) write the date as 9/23.
So SB49923 could almost be considered a personal birthday greeting from the universe, as in "shit bucket for 9/23";-)
I'm told that people who buy the plastic shit bucket often purchase the above book, so maybe that's a sign for me, as well?-)
But life has to mean more than just a bucket of shit, right?
I was thinking about buying this plastic scat bucket to have around the home to ponder the mysteries of life on this weird planet we live on, but then I thought to myself that there is enough plastic shit floating around on this planet as it is.
SCS Direct Ocean Sea Creature Action Figures - Big Bucket of Sea Creatures - Huge 30 Piece Set
As if kids don't have enough buckets of shit to handle in their lives without all of this "replica shit" floating around in toy stores and "replica" internet toy stores.
I like to go through my bucket list from time to time and transfer the worthless plans that don't seem so important anymore on that list into my "fucket" list.
Celebrate the good things in your life while you still can I say, because shit will always happen when it comes to life on this planet.
Feed me?!
Life is full of mysterious and funny shit, not to say that it can't be painful though.
I gotta go now.

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